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  1. Ha--that has happened to me--Living in San Jose ,CA- sometime around 1995 - a relative from Mexico shows up from the ranch--wifey dispachted him immeditly- I was not told the details and smart enough not to ask--
  2. You win; give me boring kitty videos--Sorry Maincoons ; I couldn't resist--I will try not to align with you; I don't want to diminish you stature- I promised to tone it down to you, and I will keep my word--THX---BOBBY -
  3. Bottom line-- inflation, at best poor management--today a war on humanity--brought to you by rotten teeth; Karl Shab--old nazi--HA
  4. OH-- my wife scollded me ( Mexican)-- you are such a cheap bastardo-!--I replied; YES I AM---HA--Was the shop complaining ?-----nooooooo-- they lub me---HA---come again sir--!!---HA
  5. I fight inflation--rather than go to Cosco; I sent my tire rotation ( wifey's car ) to my local mechanic-- 100.00 pesos for the shop ( which went to the owners pocket, no receipt); tax free-, and a fifty peso tip to the mechanic; tax free,--Money well spent-- "DEATH TO INFLATION"--private economy-- the future--HA
  6. Yea- I hear you--I had all my credit erased and my credit cards canceled--I had to start over from scratch " In retirement"--but today; i"m invested into a 1.2 million us dollar investment--if I die today; so be it--my dream will be handed over to my daughter in my will-My investments will still live on ---HA--Take that Klaus Shaub--you Nazi---HA--I will have nothing ; and be happy--I'm dead but my memory lives on---HA--Karl Shab ? - die in Hell, with your rotten bottom teeth--don't get me started on that---HA--I think in my previous I was a dentist ---HA
  7. I know; but this real estate is special--ALL the swells will immigrate here--Panels ; not needed--cool ocean breeze on the eight floor-!- I'll freeze my arse off---HA--at my age this is my last hurahh----HA
  8. 2008 was a cake walk-!! my friend; we are facing an extinction event-no shite-- I'm 73 years old and I finally get it--this" happenIng" is "BAD"--you know all the movies we've seen ?--well they were insights of the future or they were used as a blueprint---no shite--I don't know if hollywood can see the future; ? or evil is using it as a blue print--1984 is here on steroids !!!----WOW--I just have a bad feeling about it all--I was freaked out when I was drafted for the Vietnam war; but this is worse--they are pushing too hard--the jab; stealing our kids; wars; jay 6th; stealing elections in your face; no fairness in the courts; etc.--buckle up !!!!
  9. We are all going to die because some screwballs didn't like some tweets --
  10. Left and right viewpoints ? how about life and death viewpoints--can you figure what point is life and which is death ?---I can-!
  11. Problem !! this the mother of all inflation--A depression is certain -- the dark forces are determined to kill us-Ukrain? the breadbasket of the world;--we are living through a depopulation event- "Billions-" Why do you think the third world is flooding into America--"they know"--Can the US take in ; say, six billion ????--do the math--your six shooter won't be able to fend off thousands at your door looking for food--!!!
  12. you are right--covid was the plandemic to destroy the economy--It was a perfect storm--It destoyed businesses and lives with the poison jabs-
  13. Gringo- you are right--the problem with the world economy-is man made--"SABOTAGE"-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Mainecoons--it's time to get rid of cash to fight inflation and buy hard assets--I just put a deposit down on a new condominium here in PV- "Penthouse on the eight floor"- I bought it at presale for 600,000.00 dollars-It won't be completed until four years from now; and the value is estimated to be 1.2 million on completion-- that's how one fights inflation-- you have to buckle up and ride the wave---HA
  15. We need to get rid of the federal reserve and stop living off bowored money--I thought counterfiting was illegal --Oh; not for the little guy-The whole world is one big B.S.--
  16. The problem is criminals running Gov't--Counterfit money chasing too few goods--The US didn't sneeze; Biden shite his pants--now we are stuck cleaning up his mess-!! Lucky maids and gardeners--I don't get no cost of living raise--I just cut back--HA
  17. and your opinion is still over priced----HA
  18. sounds like yo da richman---HA--I on the other hand; the rich man who is a tight bastard--HA-- I always wait for the sale and buy in bulk ; paying last years prices.
  19. Odd; check your name Read " Dantes Inferno --curios ?--odd--
  20. This is a world crisis--you will feel it soon---If you can't find the truth --I'll give you my take--This is serious--We are in the end times--The demons of hell are making their last great push and I'm not that religious--But a dead give away is that these demons are coming after our children !!!!!!!!!!!.
  21. This inflation is a weapon-!!!--Yea one will adapt---STARVATION AND DEATH-- especially in the third world-- War is a way of life ;too--It's the evil of man-!!
  22. As an immigrant with a green card it is illegal for me to comment -all I can do is keep my head down and sweat here in PV----HA---at my age the heat is comforting ---HA
  23. Over thinking is a survival mechanism--My over thinking is in overdrive----I think things through, to a fault---HA
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