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  1. If you are retired and have family to feed you--don't worry about it--Maybe in a couple of years you can look into it--As for me;" a retire "- "I'd rather not be bothered"--Today , I emptied my Santander account--just left enough for the minimum amount not to be charged a monthly fee-the definition of retirement---IS; To "dissapear" to never be heard of gain- Which I'm a firm believer--But NO !! Not Gov't--They will hunt you to the grave; and beyond----HA
  2. Typical Gov't --long lines at SAT--Phones busy-Online ?; we'll get back to you--Omlo demands -" YOU WILL COMPLY"-!!!-- HA---I enjoyed my first visit to Santander in two years--"COVID YEARS"; now empty---- The whole world in PV was at the SAT office- I emptied my account to get ready for the steal--Ever think of hiring people to handle the load ??=- of course not---GOV'T, at it's worse---HA. I'm retired; so I'll just go dark-"AGAIN" -Maybe I'll come out of the shadows in a couple of years--If there is a world left-HA--As Herr Klause Schabb says--" YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING AND BE HAPPY"-- Typical NAZI--again --"SO SAD"--
  3. How do one finds them ?--I asked at Copy Planet and they couldn't help me- of all places--
  4. The odds of being stopped for an infraction are extremely low--Just pay the two hundred pesos to the cop and all is well--I,ve been stopped a few times with a "valid" license; and I still had to pay-- 200 pesos; we shook hands and our separate ways away we went--HA--" Money talks and Caca de Toto walks"---HA
  5. no one else will listen---HA good--you have just shown your true colors--Have you ever heard of free speech?--No ?- maybe that's why the moderators are silent--Freedom of speech is becoming a scarce commodity these days--If you don't like the conversation ; you can always change the channel; that's what do--HA
  6. And guess what? Here Swab--I own nothing and I am happy--Go to heil you Mothiiog FuuKucjong--NAAZI----ha-- And by the way; why don't you get your teeth fixed !!!--In public ?--you show no respect--!!!!---HA--This clown was from in a homeless camp---"HEIL" TO KARL SWAB--
  7. Bottom line is that my wife knows i'll protect her to the death--I've prooved it by legally transfering all my wealth into he name--Guess what I'm still alive---HA
  8. This all sounds scary-- but as for me; I'll never be obducted --first of all I will not obey and my wife will say keep him-; bottom line is to not pay the ransom---HA Bottom line- If I'm dead; I set it up that my wife will get a raise---HA--My wifey really lub me---HA--bottom line ; I'm worth more dead than alive---HA
  9. Don't worry; I'll still post here----HA
  10. How can I be wrong---I've lived the reality for over sixteen years---I've watched PV grow to what it is today !--So if PV goes south; I'll just move on -
  11. PUERTO VALLARTA-- if you can afford it- HA
  12. no gringo-- you get your facts straight---HA; we don't care about China; we care about Mexico ; please stay on topic where we have first hand information-- HA--I saw the news people and the police first hand in my neighbor hood--I felt completely safe--they were mopping up . The PESO wins again !---HA--MY peso tax dollars at work--HA--!!
  13. The cartel loves to vacation in PV--Chopa came and got his arse shot up--!---"LESSON TO BE LEARNED"--"big money" is in PV?--come to disturb that you will die--PV is a death trap--one road in and one road out-- Hwy. 200- Back roads ? not ; fly out; hardly; take a boat ? .We have the marines ; army; state police; federales; municipal police; transito; etc.- well we even had a helicopter flying overhead--real close to ground level-- -well you get the picture- ---criminals are not too smart---HA--Well the new generation cartel needs to mature--HA
  14. Don't fret about the Monarcs--they will be here when we are long gone--we are nothing in terms of the universe--OH; the arrogance of man---!! HA
  15. HA--not a word on the smog checks--"Te dije"--that wanna be El presidente, in Jalisco--thought he could ; well, what ever;--dropped his power grab against the people--what would of happened ; his stupid liberal ideas would put all of Mejico on the back of burros-- cars ?--not " greeny" GONE--AND this B.S . politician would want to puta mufflers on your buro----HA--What a show -!!--every car that was checked failed--end of program--My advice to the people is to save your money--things are only going to get worse--- the power grab has only begun-- As George Carlin has said--"It's one big club; and you are not in it"---HA
  16. my take; by the grill?--maybe the cook got a little to happy with the fryer- and his work got a little out of hand--
  17. And I bet he had some paperwork to back up his claim- just another scam-HA--No big deal- just living in a third world country--which I have adapted--better than living in the criminality of the first world- where organized crime is legal--The syndicate is the gov't; which is on full display today---HA
  18. I had a fake door bell; and watch the world from my bay window ring it-After about ten years; it just wore out and dissapeared--HA
  19. I HAVE ONE UP ON YOU !!--I bought a couple of fake cameras for $6.00 from e-bay, about ten years-just glued them to the metal gate. worked like a charm--years ago a neighbor had a break in and the police came to me to ask if they can see the tape of my cameras-- I tried to tell them they were fake--They thought I was just a crazy gringo--" crazy like a fox"----HA
  20. Mexicans are street wise--Americans need to get up to speed---HA
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