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  1. Forgive me--Keyboard--I'm just too old and tired--All his camotion has pushed me further into the dark--Since I have given it up; many of my aches and pains have subsided -- Perhaps all this is for the best---THX--
  2. Forgive me; I'm just too old for this B. S.---I'm tired---
  3. Buy now-- I's only going to get worse--
  4. Little time ? the gov't spits out their bullshit always--telephone lines busy?-- long lines at SAT ?--somebody needs to see the gallows for these people--for disturbing the people--The masses need to take their revenge--!!---ENOUGH IS ENOUGH--as quoted by the Hyena-VP-
  5. Yea--don't sweat it---But as is said by " SUN SUE"-- Keep your friends close; but your enemies closer"----We are in a war--!!!!
  6. You think Mexicans have car insurance now?-- put this bull shit through and nobody will have car insurance---It just not pencil out-- More wonderful things from the communists----HA Look what happened with smog checks ?--DOA--!!!---HA
  7. What stick?--nobody is going to put me on any stick-!! What I'm some kind of hot dog--?--I live around the corner of a SAT--I see the mile long line--Poor bastards--You think I'm going to be an "ASSHOLE"--in that line --!!!! HA And "NO"-- I didn't take the jab---I chose "LIFE"---!!!!---I don't make deals with DEMONS---"FUCHI"---HA
  8. Mod 2-- I know what I'm talking about--If you only new the misery that communism has brought to the human race--It's simply criminal and demonic---
  9. Gov't's job--"TO RUIN YOUR LIFE"--i'M FROM CALIFONIA -- I know what I'm talking about--That state ruined my life-!!!!
  10. I knew it---communism at it's best--And the threats if you don't comply-? Can't buy anything "?--I don't want a "GOD DAMN THING FROM MEXICO" !!!!--New car; no cfe; no internet; no drivers license ; no bank account; let alone worthless SKY---I watched the lines at SAT--mile long--those poor bastards are being abused by this communist gov't-- push me?--I'll just walk---HA
  11. YES---Buy now as many pesos as you can-- when you get your SS payment; buy pesos right away--
  12. I've had my Santander account for 15 years--just to be safe; I drained the account; leaving just 4,000 pesos to avoid service charge--let's see what happens in the coming years--I have seriously thinking of moving of planet--Elon Musk is moving quickly to make this happen--
  13. MUD--I know you blocked me ; SAT doesn't have my retina yet and my finger prints are worn off from working 50+ years; "WITH MY HANDS"; and I have tape over my camera; so I guess I'm good to go--I guess I have a problem because I'm not one of those; " ONE SIZE FITS ALL"----HA
  14. NO--It's not your savy--the site is a complete cluster f$$$k---HA
  15. Smart--It's better to pay and not be bothered--!!
  16. Like Mud says--sometimes it's better to pay and avoid undue aggrivation--- Like the song from Kenny Rogers --"Know when to hold them and know when to fold them"---and pick your battles--- life is too short-HA
  17. Hey--Ludwig-- I suggest you go to your local SAT office----My office in PV had the whole world there--easy 150 souls----so I says to self-- self; let's go to the bank, that I haven't visited in the last two years because of covid- and low and behold; the bank was empty-- so what do I do ?--withdraw all my money to get ready for the next attack from gov't----RFC----HA
  18. NO--no worries; school yard bullies always back down--a dead line will be extended--" to when"?-- when you may need a RFC----- Govt's in the world are "MANDATE BAT SHIET HAPPY'-- and Mexico is no exeption--
  19. I live in PV; within walking distance of the SAT building--150+ souls waiting in line--the "sheep" --so sad--!
  20. Congrats--you got the gov't's number---I salute you--!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. OH; my dear friend; you are a true free spirit--"Love ya"--you are a true enemy of the state --You are my hero---HA--I am working on my temperment to be more like you-- I tend to get a little rattled---HA
  22. Good for you !!!--I like your attitude--Take life in stride--I wish I was more like you---GOOD LUCK--A true warrior--Your the best---HA
  23. Shop for another insurance company--When gov't attacks there always is a cottage industry to step in--
  24. Find a "facilitator" and pay a little bit--Don't bother yourself with a one-time deal-- The web-site is a mess- the phonelines are busy--the masses at the SAT locations;--Gov'ts love to say-"OBEY"- or something bad is going to happen to you--How many times I've heard that from this Mexican Gov't--At my age; bring it on !--I have money to pay those little bastards---HA
  25. HA- who has insurance in Mexico--Mexico will back off; ! when they run off the piggy bank--EXPATS--HA--I'm watching the show--as retired; all this does not apply--HA--Look up the definition of retired-
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