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  1. Forgive me--Keyboard--I'm just too old and tired--All his camotion has pushed me further into the dark--Since I have given it up; many of my aches and pains have subsided -- Perhaps all this is for the best---THX--
  2. Forgive me; I'm just too old for this B. S.---I'm tired---
  3. Buy now-- I's only going to get worse--
  4. Little time ? the gov't spits out their bullshit always--telephone lines busy?-- long lines at SAT ?--somebody needs to see the gallows for these people--for disturbing the people--The masses need to take their revenge--!!---ENOUGH IS ENOUGH--as quoted by the Hyena-VP-
  5. Yea--don't sweat it---But as is said by " SUN SUE"-- Keep your friends close; but your enemies closer"----We are in a war--!!!!
  6. You think Mexicans have car insurance now?-- put this bull shit through and nobody will have car insurance---It just not pencil out-- More wonderful things from the communists----HA Look what happened with smog checks ?--DOA--!!!---HA
  7. What stick?--nobody is going to put me on any stick-!! What I'm some kind of hot dog--?--I live around the corner of a SAT--I see the mile long line--Poor bastards--You think I'm going to be an "ASSHOLE"--in that line --!!!! HA And "NO"-- I didn't take the jab---I chose "LIFE"---!!!!---I don't make deals with DEMONS---"FUCHI"---HA
  8. Mod 2-- I know what I'm talking about--If you only new the misery that communism has brought to the human race--It's simply criminal and demonic---
  9. Gov't's job--"TO RUIN YOUR LIFE"--i'M FROM CALIFONIA -- I know what I'm talking about--That state ruined my life-!!!!
  10. I knew it---communism at it's best--And the threats if you don't comply-? Can't buy anything "?--I don't want a "GOD DAMN THING FROM MEXICO" !!!!--New car; no cfe; no internet; no drivers license ; no bank account; let alone worthless SKY---I watched the lines at SAT--mile long--those poor bastards are being abused by this communist gov't-- push me?--I'll just walk---HA
  11. YEA---! It's called zinc and vitamin C--I could of told you that two years ago; but no; you wanted to listen to those criminals in big pharma and corrupt gov't's. And don't forget those quack doctors who took the money--You all have been scammed' and now you are sick from taking the poison. I now lies when I see them--Follow the money-- the shot; biggest money maker in world history-"PERIOD".---HA
  12. YES---Buy now as many pesos as you can-- when you get your SS payment; buy pesos right away--
  13. I've had my Santander account for 15 years--just to be safe; I drained the account; leaving just 4,000 pesos to avoid service charge--let's see what happens in the coming years--I have seriously thinking of moving of planet--Elon Musk is moving quickly to make this happen--
  14. MUD--I know you blocked me ; SAT doesn't have my retina yet and my finger prints are worn off from working 50+ years; "WITH MY HANDS"; and I have tape over my camera; so I guess I'm good to go--I guess I have a problem because I'm not one of those; " ONE SIZE FITS ALL"----HA
  15. You need to be" DETOXED" find a doctor who can do it---GOODLUCK--
  16. NO, he's a shill for somebody; not even he knows--the guy with the flag; that means nothing to me;--Ukrain is just another NARCO ; money laundering state--Why do you think Pelosi, etal showed up for a photo shoot?--to get their cut of the action---HA
  17. What do I care about a semite--None of them ever did anything for me--from what I can tell these semites always have their hand out for a freeby---
  18. In this climate of corruption ; I don't trust anyone--especially doctors on the payroll--!
  19. What you read was most likely a "LIE"--anyway--
  20. OK--can I graduate to the third grade now-? And again ; please block me--HA
  21. Why are you talking to me--you were suppose to block me---Go away
  22. Really ?- this whole site is a scam---HA=---stop looking at the shinney objects--WW1; WW11; WW111; HERE WE ARE; WAKE UP PEOPLE-- just like clock work--right on schedule--HA--Humanity ?--lies in the balance--Ever wonder why there are no aliens; visiting earth--off world aliens get so advanced they burn out--we are there--The atom--!!! ---------------------- ZIPPO !
  23. This site has me on a tight leash-- I'll make it short and not so sweet;" all the shinny objects" out there;--we are at war--"Doctor Evil"- Herr Klauss Schaab; etal; wants the" ONE WORLD ORDER" to rule-and he's going to win, if people can't see the big picture--Quit fighting over non issues--Covid ? the scam in world history--Where do you think the money is coming from--to buy off the worlds politicians--Covid was the finances to fund the take over--!!!!
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