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  1. Antonio was supposed to show up yesterday but didn't make it. It turns out Rancho del Oro is not on his route. He turned us onto Jose Luis at 332 923 3896. The reason we like Epura is the bottles are always in top condition or new. For awhile we were getting older Epura garafon's filled by someone else and we constantly felt a little off. Hope Jose Luis works out.
  2. Thank you, I didn't scroll down far enough. I only saw the 55 phone number. I spoke with Antonio and he is on his way. If this is Salvador, thanks for the help Ibarra.
  3. Hello, I used to have an Epura driver, Salvador, but I've been told he no longer delivers and he's not answering his phone. Does anyone have a number for the new guy? They used to deliver on Monday and Thursday's to West Ajijic. Gracias in advance.
  4. Thanks for the names of the solar companies, I will find the phone numbers and try them. Kiko, I suspect you are right . A new inner tank is probably in order. I always thought the first place for leaks would be where the tubes are inserted into the tank but those have been perfect. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hello, looking for a recommendation. The end cap of my solar hot water tank is leaking at the bottom and I need someone to repair it if that is possible. It's stainless steel so I'm not sure it can be welded. It is a Solaris Eco System 14 tube model. I'm trying to avoid driving into Guad to talk to the people where I bought it unless I have to. Thanks
  6. They had everything I needed. Thanks for the help.
  7. My ten year old system is in need of an overhaul. Where can I buy parts for it, I know of places in Guad but want to save myself the trip so I would like to find a local place. Thanks in advance (hopefully).
  8. Thanks, I think I saw it yesterday and it was a double stroller but not a carseat. Maybe car rental places rent them, I will have to check.
  9. I have grandchildren coming down for Christmas and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to rent good quality car seats. I'll probably need three. The oldest kids are 4 and 5 but in Canada they still need them. Thanks
  10. Thanks very much for the information, I will contact Oscar. Can you tell me at what time, the duration and the level of teaching that happens? Greatly appreciated.
  11. I'll check at LCS and see if the Sunday meeting is still happening. Out of the country now but returning in two weeks. Thanks for the info.
  12. Slightly off topic. I have a friend and she is interested in taking an in depth course as a nurse assistant for helping elderly people. She would be very good at that but needs training. Is this program still available?
  13. Does anyone know if Telecable internet is down in Villa Nova / Rancho del Oro area. I am away and can't access my remote systems. Thanks.
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