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  1. Thanks. I've read that chlorine will hook up with the sulfur gas to make a particulate that the filters may catch. I want to give that a try but I've never chlorinated the aljibe and don't want to overdo it. Now by "Pucks" do you mean the little 1" tablets I use in the fountain?
  2. How many tablets of chlorine would you suggest putting in the aljibe?
  3. My email couldn't find the above email address. But the phone number worked and he is coming out this morning.
  4. Great to see these choices. Thanks
  5. I need to replace a full panel glass door. The old one had a design etched into it that flowed into the design on the glass panel beside the door. Can anyone recommend someone to etch a glass door? Or failing that, someone that could replace with a plain frosted glass?
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