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  1. Recently my wife and I bought a new house in Puerta Arroyo. While we like the house, the salesman, uh, forgot to tell us that no telephone lines were available for it. Thus no telephone and no internet. Since my work depends on the internet, we have a house in which we cannot live. Since we have cloosed on the house, there is nothing we can do and management shows no interest in the matter. It is astonishing that what appears to be a reputable company would do this, bu it did. If you buy there, it would be wise to see the internet working before signing.
  2. Ifa wife owns a house entirely in her name, and wants to transfer ownership entirely to her husbandman, what is involved? Thanks.
  3. Can Alcyone tell me whether Taxes In Mexico is still in business? I have emailed Scott twice with no response, which is not like him. Thanks.
  4. If you and your wife own a house in both your names, and one dies, what happens to the house? Thanks
  5. Are there any such folk hereabouts who would know about software and such for using computers and otherwise getting along in the world? Thanks.
  6. Is there an American notary Lakeside? The consulate sounds expensive for multiple notarization. Thanks.
  7. Are there arny blind members or expats Lakeside, or groups for them? Thanks
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