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  1. I had to hold the X-ray board while I bent a painful knee in different positions. Old machine and no lead protection for the patent. Old machines put out many much more radiation than new ones, so you are taking a risk. Are there any newer x-ray centers lakeside?
  2. As of February 2019, Dr. Haro does his own implants.
  3. I was searching this topic and found no recommendations newer than 2013. Could anyone recommend a good female gyno in either the Lake Chapala area or Guad. I will need English speaking as I am only slowly learning Spanish. Gracias
  4. Any poodle types left? We have an old guy, very docile who could use a friend. Gracias, Abby Cohen
  5. Some things I do not want left on my front porch. I found 2 envelopes under a rash bag, thank goodness. If I am receiving credit cards or a check ,etc. I want to be there to get it and I cannot always be home when a delivery comes. That is why I was looking for another place to receive mail when I am not home.🙄
  6. I am set up to have my envelopes and mail scanned and emailed primarily. However, I will want some mail sent to Mexico and some packages sent. Do I have them sent through UPS or FedEx and then can I pick them up there or do I need another place to have things delivered. Should I take a chance on just having things sent to my home address? Handimail and ibox expect you to use their Laredo address and I do not need to do that. I am looking for the best place to receive mail and packages in Chapala area. Thanks
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