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  1. Looking for a finishing carpenter to custom build things like my office desk, shelves, etc., bunk beds, couch frame, table & chairs Please supply e-mail contact, website or fb page if have.
  2. Yes; however don't have whatsapp so if there were either fb or e-mail I would be very grateful! Thank u!
  3. Thank u.....do you have an e-mail or facebook page for Aranza please...we aren't in Mexico yet El Cartero
  4. Hello - were you able to find an interior designer - we too are in the market for someone.
  5. Does our choices for western Canada only include Calgary and Vancouver - is Winnipeg available? May I ask your experiences with either Calgary or Winnipeg if available? We live in Saskatchewan and either of those 2 would be closest. Regina is no longer available. Any recommendations or tips are very appreciated. I am doing the due diligence for our prospective future move to Ajijic area Mexico.
  6. Thank you Michael.....would you also have an e-mail for him please?
  7. Can you recommend an accountant that is knowledgeable with Canadian tax laws and Mexican tax laws for income tax filing? filing? TIA
  8. What is Dr. Garcia's office address and telephone number please. Thanks in advance.
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