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  1. Where did you find the metric for expensive or cheap or decent? I did google “metric for food prices in Ajijic” didn’t find anything... Perhaps it would be better to say that “YOU THINK” it is expensive... for some people is not about the price, is about the experience... so, don’t look for restaurants cause you will always be disappointed when “YOU THINK” is expensive or it is our of “YOUR BUDGET”, just find the restaurants that have the prices you like and talk good things about those instead of complaining about the ones you can’t afford or the ones that have the prices that you don’t want to pay... Wouldn’t you be happier if you did that? 😄
  2. The worst is when some people think they “know” about something... like steaks... if you don’t like fat, DONT ORDER RIBEYE!!!! Some want fillet for the price of carne asada, and some order ribeye expecting a soft and lean steak like fillet mignon... lol... learn about steaks first, complain after... 😂
  3. There is no official decision about this yet, at the meeting we had last Tuesday we were told that we can be open until further notice, as long as we follow the recommendations. The Jalisco Governor asked publicly this night that we do our best effort to stay home for the next 5 days since they will make a difference in what’s coming later... many restaurants have joined this decision and will be closed for the next 5 days.
  4. For your information, Tony's Campestre in San nicolas was closed last saturday. There is not and there won't be another Tony's for now.
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