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  1. Bruno's gets russets. That's why they taste like a baked potato should.
  2. IMHO this is the number one thing lacking in the LC-Ajijic area. Tuesday market is good and the 3 large stands which sell fresh produce are generally swamped with long lines, and depleted by 11. If I miss the Tuesday Market I'm forced to go to Lakeside where the local lettuces of Unknown Origin or quality are apparently put on the shelves early in the day, sitting unrefrigerated. By the afternoon they're not fit for a stew. The other alternative they offer is a refrigerated boxed spinach and/or mixed lettuce, organic from Earthbound Farms, which costs $9 a box for the exact same item I pay $5 for in San Diego. This is not intended in any way as a dig for life in these parts. It's a beautiful environment with much to offer but if you're accustomed to Southern California healthy produce options you will find the fruit vegetables and lettuce options quite Limited and often not of the best quality. The Wednesday Market has huge vegetable stands with lots of product and generally in pretty good condition so that's another alternative. I've purchased both Fish and Chicken there and found them both to be fresh and flavorful. Hope that's helpful! ♥
  3. I lived in both Cyprus and Beirut in the 60s and have a great taste for such things. I'm also a very serious cook myself and familiar with the excellent sites you mentioned...we live outside San Diego but I plan to be in Ajijic again for August and September and will certainly look for and appreciate your insider comments and links! THANKS SO MUCH!
  4. I found your reply very helpful, even through it was not my question. Thanks for your time here. One difference in opinion, and of course these things are all individual, is the need for a car rental. I rented a wonderful house for three months earlier this year, in Villa Nova, an easy 1/2 block to a bus stop, thinking the very excellent bus system would be adequate for me. But I found that furnishing a house, with all furniture and housewares supplied but previously unrented, took many trips to bring in supplies. Taxis because expensive and it became to difficult to deal with packages while waiting or sitting in the bus. Also, I found I liked the freedom to visit the markets or pick up a friend from the airport. I love to drive and privately rented an old Jalisco licensed but fully insured junker and it all went seamlessly. Yes, you have to be a good driver but after a bit the system becomes intuitive and I really enjoyed driving there, especially not spending $40 US+ to pick up friends from the airport. The person I rented from was Mexican but understood my English and when the car had a problem, he arranged for it to be repaired and returning without any inconvenience to me. He was ethical and a very nice man and the entire experience was a good one. I had a 2010 car for $600/month and now know of a 2006 car for $450/month. I haven't finalized arrangements for this coming visit for the months of August and September but hope to have another great experience. Thanks for listening and for your helpful post!
  5. This is actually one of our most favorite places in all of Ajijic! Their octopus and shrimp with garlic and mushrooms is definitely a 10, although a bit chille heavy for my taste. Their guacamole is stellar and their drinks are excellent. Certainly all the brochettes are memorable and excellent fish as well. Even the house red wine was a pleasant surprise. The only food I've had there that I didn't think was terrific was the hamburger. The service is great and listening to father and son violin and guitar and drum music in that beautiful garden setting, under that huge tree, is the very heart of Mexico in my opinion! Everybody who works there has a great attitude = so relaxing and fun!
  6. Yes! They are terrific! Better with the chimichuri sauce sold next to her!
  7. Thank you so much for your beautifully written and loving tribute of my friend. Barbara and I didn't get to spend much time together in this life but we had an immediate and deep connection and I'm only sorry that it didn't work out for me to get to meet you earlier. As a fellow astrologer we would both marvel at the many similarities in our charts, and perhaps it was that which brought us an immediate affinity. She also graced me with some wonderful music that have been favorites of mine since she was in our home with Jeff and Danick Jawer... one of my most favorite memories! Rosana, Keb Mo, and many other wonderful sounds live on in my appreciation of Barbara. How we lost touch for many years is very sad for me now. As I was coming from San Diego to Ajijic for three months, I was first amazed to find that you guys had moved here from Chicago! Such a tiny little spot in the world for us both to have found separately. I considered trying to contact you, but then decided to just give you your space. I considered it yet again when I found this beautiful tribute on Chapala.com... but it wasn't until I saw my first black butterfly within an hour of reading this that I knew I had to write and at least say hello. And as you have suggested, Barbara lives on and on in beauty and fun, and the Exquisite wisdom of the universe unfolding. Thank you for loving her so well! I send you many blessings!
  8. Edited by moderator to remove incorrect quote. Ned didn't write what was quoted. Jolinda were you referring to yourself? If so repost without the misquote.
  9. So grateful for this post with two 25 year olds here for a week.... Thanks so much!
  10. Someone suggested yesterday that when "the powers" realize the disastrous effect the new bike lane project has on traffic flow, that Zaragoza be made to connect with Guadalupe Victoria and both turned into a bike and pedestrian only through street. Seemed like a sound idea to me.
  11. Is this still around? I'd love some good Mediterranian food! ♥
  12. I have loved Copy Ribera across the street from Intercam Bank and by the OXXO. They are SO helpful, extremely reasonable, with an amazing amount of services. Also the best place in town for a huge selection of painting (all types) and general art supplies, again at the best price I've found in Ajijic. Highly recommend! I can normally park right in front but around the corner on Galeana for sure.
  13. Very encouraging. Have had some seriously bad sushi here, starting with non-Asian rice and no vinegar. Seriously?? Great to hear I don't have to wait to be back in San Diego for good sushi! Thanks
  14. With Liz Verar gone (and hopefully to start her own company soon) I cannot recommend CPM&C as well.
  15. I had two ceiling fans, one of which had a very complex problem, and Raphael was able to fix those things, with a great attitude and a extremely reasonable price! His name is Raphael Granados, and his number is 333-486-4706. I reached him on that number but another number for him is 766-3797. This is a wonderful man and a fan genius. I can't recommend him highly enough!
  16. Thank you so very much for some specific suggestions of where to find swimming in the Lake Chapala area. My friend, who is a devoted lap swimmer will be deeply grateful for getting us directed! Thanks again for posting
  17. Bless all you generous foodies for such great suggestions, complete even with directions! I thank you greatly! ♥
  18. While I've never worked with the pastry dough at Costco, I've worked with both phyllo and puff pastry many times. Phyllo is composed of single sheets, which require brushing with butter between the layers and keeping the pile of sheets covered with a damp cloth while you work. Takes a bit of practice. Puff pastry requires coming to almost room temperature first, and gently forming into a pre greased pie pan or baking sheet. (Cut off excess and roll with butter, sugar and cinnamon) It should then be punctured all around the base and sides with a fork to release air so that it doesn't puff too much where you want it to be flat. Also, the sides can simply be turned over roughly by hand into what's called a galette, then punctured and filled with any lightly sweetened fruit. Recipe below: Preheat oven to 375 Use ½ package (1 sheet) puff pastry, brought to room temperature for 45 minutes. Roll out the dough on parchment paper to make it a little thinner. Then transfer to a cookie sheet and loosely roll the edges up (so the juices won’t run out) then add the fruit mix. Bake at 375 for 40-50 minutes, watch the rolled crust so it doesn’t burn. Filling: Fruit of your choice, tossed with the following: 1/3 C sugar 1/8 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp lemon zest 2 tsp flour or 2 T cornstarch for thickening juices Serve with ice cream or whipped cream for heavenly delight
  19. As a "Nubie" but "Foodie" I am very grateful for these posts! ♥
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