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  1. MakeItSo Which bank was that? Was that done recently?
  2. Hi I'm looking for a good property manager, preferably with experience with houses in the Raquet Club. Thanks
  3. Sorry for not being more specific We are considering buying a house here. TD is saying to do a large wire transfer, we need to physically be in the branch in Canada.
  4. What is the best way of bringing more than a few thousand dollars from Canada to Mexico without first going back to Canada to be in person at the branch? We have accounts at Scotiabank and TD/Canada Trust and Multiva and Bancomer Thanks
  5. I'm familar with the papeleria at 29 Hidalgo (north west corner of Juarez) Where is 29A ?
  6. I would like to buy some material in a bright yellow colour. (sometimes called safety yellow / green) Any suggestions Lakeside? Thanks
  7. NOB last fall, we received an extra strength seniors dose. Will this be regular or extra strength?
  8. We would like the outside of our house windows cleaned Also we have two fabric chairs that could use a good / steam cleaning Any recommendations would be appreciated Thanks
  9. I do have a wet suit that I used here last January to March but I wouldn't be comfortable in the lake. An unheated or partially heated pool would be OK
  10. I like to swim laps for an hour or so a few times a week but .. The indoor pool next to S & S auto in Riberas is fully booked ! The Monte Carlo Inn in Chapala is still closed / reserved for covid patients until January. The Hotel Real de Chapala doesn't have swimming for non-guests. Any suggestions about where to swim? Thanks
  11. I want to try the shoes on so I would prefer not to buy online. Driving into Guadalajara is possible but ... Are there any stores Lakeside that have shoes larger than size 29? thanks
  12. Spenser Can you tell us an approximate idea of the time and cost involved to get the Federal Health permission? Thanks
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1622311224530688/ Thanks for the lead to local table tennis - it's a good sport too but I still prefer badminton
  14. Anybody interested in playing badminton? I have (plastic) birds and 4 racquets. Some/many days, I think that the wind is weak enough to be able to play outside. If there is enough interest, I will investigate using some pickleball courts (same size) and try to figure out how to raise the net OR worse case - just hitting on a tennis court for practice / exercise
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