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  1. I have a Wells Fargo card and the same happens each time and at eat ATM  and no matter what amount of money I ask for.  I leave HSBC, go around to CI banco and get money in whatever denomination I want.  It is an HSBC problem.  I just go to CI Banco now after multi attempts.

  2. And so if we ban plastic straws we need to ban all plastics in the grocery stores like yogurt containers, butter tubs, plastic bags containing chicken that is frozen or vegetables, plastic and styrofoam with meats, plastic plates, forks, baggies etc, just to name a few........This could turn into a ridiculous proposal, but if you are going to ban one thing, then you need to ban another in my opinion.  

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  3. No personal experience, but worked in an office where we gave ketamine treatments in the US and they were very successful from what the patients told us.  DId it mostly for PTSD and other depressive disorders.  They use them at many VA hospitals in the states also.  That is about the extent of my knowledge and I do not know anyone in the area that does such treatments.

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