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  1. And car owners must pay $500 pesos for a smog check... What a load of @#$%^&*()_
  2. Tecno Agua 376 766 3731 331 410 9341
  3. They are going to install planters same as in Chapala on Madero. 🤡 Bunch of clowns
  4. 100 Pesos per hour in 2023 $7 Cdn $5 US +-
  5. Would someone please post the phone number for Ana Stiller Please mucho gracias
  6. I put my Christmas lights up before the snow starts Sorry
  7. On Pepe G just down from Goodyear / Soriana on the left if going towards the lake. He has repaired at least 5 folks I know. I think the sign says {elavatores}
  8. In this day and time in Mexico a tank is the vehicule of choice.... Not even safe to eat tacos in Guad. What the S ?? is happening?
  9. This lady is not a DRA but she does give a great foot massage. Kenia 333 390 2876 Sure feels good.
  10. Remember the good times and time heals all.
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