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  1. Es mil veces mejor comprar aquí, en el tianguis de autos en Gdl. son particulares que no volverán a ver de nuevo si el auto tiene problemas,....Su Auto, car wash, y en la cuadra de la gasolinería en Riberas del Pilar, tienen autos usados en buenas condiciones y cualquier reclamación o aclaración es mucho más fácil de llevarla a cabo...suerte..
  2. At malecon Ajijic....good limonadas and Margaritas, at Poutine place.also ice cream next...
  3. No recomend that place, it is very expansive and very bad services. the people who was living there said no more..the owner is not a good person......the best place is in Ramon Velazquez ( next centro de salud ) en san antonio ...cheaper and goods services, also on the same block at the corner there is other small.
  4. miraval52


    She is asking for bolillos..wallmart is the only place who make it.... the price 1.50 birote.... you can found at many places the price 5.00 or more....
  5. the rv on allan w lloyd no exixt security and very expansive.....in san antonio...ramon velasquez..next to centro de salud a good service and instalacion...
  6. Come join the fun at ¨Dance by the Lake¨ - Ajijic´s newest dance venue. Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm Enjoy great food, drinks, great live music by Hat Trick, and great friends Dance your heart out on one of two dance floors - one ample space inside, or dance under the stars outside on the patio. Located on the Malecon in Ajijic, next to Poutine Place and Maria Isabels
  7. I have a Panasonic DVD Recorder that I am willing to sell for $2500 pesos. As long as you have a VHS player to plug into it, you could convert your own VHS movies to DVD´s.
  8. The Poutine is quite large, and comes with a separate lovely salad. A decent price for what you get.
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