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  1. On a side not I had an HP15 during my engineering time. Some kid managed to steel it from my home in Chapala. I wish him luck because the operating manual was about 200 pages. 😊
  2. In my next life I want to be a bed sheet with bed bugs. 😊
  3. To the smoke house in west Ajijic 😊
  4. Or....... you can give them to me at 50% of their value. 😊
  5. Check out the comic in the informador today, it pretty much sums it up.
  6. I quit smoking 25 years ago and I have no problem with designated areas for smoker as they use to be. I enjoy my life, I drink what I want and eat what I want. Maybe you are not aware but you will eventually dies of something. 😊
  7. Your car is polluting the air I breath, please buy a Tesla😊
  8. Paid my predial today and it was the same as last year. The benefit of paying today is that I got to meet the young Mexican astronaut woman (she was received by the Chapala president. A whole line of "A" students where there to great here. I waved from a distance 😊).
  9. I could be wrong but recently, I was curious to see if COSTCO delivered to the Chapala area. I started a phony order on their webpage, they then asked for my postal code and then said yes they deliver to this area.
  10. The word cheap translated in to English is "Made in China".
  11. So how do they know the bus is coming ? The little bus that serves my area in Chapala is sometimes you wait an hour sometimes 2 buses arrive at the same time. I would love to have an apps as I use them to go in to Chapala for 3 pesos (I use them because finding a parking in Chapala is a little bit of an adventure).
  12. Please check the thread on TOB on property taxes. You will note that for those posted, their taxes have been pretty much doubled for this year. So erroneous statement maybe not.
  13. The day I retired, I canceled all of my credit cards. 😊
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