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  1. Do they also carry Costco Dog food and chews/treats ? Thanks
  2. Yes, Funeraria San Francisco is the good choice. In November of 2012 they handled my moms cremation. At that time, the costs was a little above $ 6000 pesos.
  3. Over the past several years I have purchased 1 single, 1 matrimonial and 4 queen mattresses including the bases. Always loved their prices and services. I remember from some of your previous posts that you had a bad experience, but for me so far so good. (note, I am referring to the store east of coca cola just next to the artsy shop.).
  4. If you live in Chapala, there is a frame shop pretty much across the street from Coppel. I had several pictures framed there and they did a very nice job. Also, they have a large selection of frame samples to chose from.
  5. Or when the dealers run out of marijuana 😊
  6. Need to brush up on my algebra to see if I can figure out the unknown in this equation. 😊
  7. Thanks for the reminder. I do think that many also read TOB. (But am no longer a member because of the political bias 😬).
  8. Thank you both. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  9. Am planning to visit Guadalajara during Xmas and new years. I use to stay near the historic center but that area has just become to dirty and unsafe. I know there is an area with nice restaurants, art and music but the search function does not seem to want to help me find it. Any suggestion ? thanks
  10. Your post is confusing. Just to let you know Oxxo sells Netflix "gift" cards for 300 pesos which will cover you for a month.
  11. Well maybe the Mexican border and customs protection should do a better job (then again its open border the other way 😉).
  12. If you have Mexican friends with Facebook I suggest you ask them about crime. Chapala murder rate is well how can I say disturbing, but this type of crime is not reported in the local news unless it happens in a public places.😑
  13. Great, hope she brings many days of rain.
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