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  1. We just moved into our beautiful new home in San Juan Cosala, Raquet Club. A satellite guy came to our home and offered us two options; A. Shaw TV - total to start up $1200 US. It included receiver blah, blah and first three months. He gave the price in pesos but that's what it was in US. There's a satellite dish on the roof now. B. DISH - $120 a month and he said that we needed to pay a year upfront. Was he for real or just trying to get over? We don't mind paying more in order to have American channels and HBO, so can I have some serious input on our next move, we are willing to compromise but would like some American channels.
  2. Why would would I buy something I already own? He is holding a referral hostage, either buy an over priced vape pen or I won't give you the information.
  3. My husband use to see a acupuncturist in the states and as part of his therapy she sold ( legally) him CBD oil as part of his treatment. I know it's legal here in Mexico, has been for awhile, but we can not find where to purchase it ,locally. We went to that shop in Ajijic that sells adult items and paraphernalia and he knows where but won't say where unless we buy the vape pen from him, too expensive, just need the oil. Anyone know where to purchase?
  4. Looking to avoid the ATM fees that we are hit with. We bank with Chase and those fees add up, we don't excessively use the ATM. Alright you got me, I am cheap. I hate paying ATM fees, even here in the U.S. I avoid them every chance I get. If I have to stop and get cash and get charged a fee, I admit I whine , for bit. So I have been doing my research. Charles Schwab has an online bank and I am wondering if anyone uses them? I talked to several Charles Schwab specialists and they all give the same information: no minimum balance, insured by the FDIC , they do not have international Debit card fees you can use any ATM anywhere in the world, transfers online are free. Supposedly, you pay whatever the ATM fee is at that ATM and at the end of the month they reimburse you all of those fees. Now, I asked a million questions and I have seen it in writing, but I would like to know if anyone else uses them or have used them?
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