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  1. I use cow manure to make tea. I go to restaurants and collect their used one gallon vegetable cans. I cut both ends out and place one over a tomato plant. This protects the plant from the wind and concentrates the water to the plant. Next I get some cow manure and. Put it in 5 gallon bucket. I than fill with water and let it set over night. Next day, I feel the cans with my tea, I only have to do this once. The first time my Mexican wife objected to my putting the tea in the tomato cans. So I said alright we will use the tea on half the tomatoes and the other half we won't. Next year, she wanted to know when I was going to make the tea! I have my own cows so I don't worry about disease from the manure.
  2. I have listed on this forum an Adroid TV Box for $800 pesos. You can watch about anything on it. I watch both Canadian and English shows as well as Mexican and USA.
  3. We have some visitors from Mexico City and they wanted to see the peacocks so we ate at the Peacock Restaurant yesterday. After being seated we found one of our party had stepped in poop. We found there was two significant piles of it, either from a peacock or probably a dog. We were moved to another table and later another couple came in and were seated at the same table and again one of them stepped in it. When we left over an hour later it was still there for people to step in. Menu wise one man reported his steak was very good. All of the rest of us reported our meals were less than satisfactory. I had fish and chips and they were some of the worst I've had lakeside. I don't think I will ever be returning to this restaurant.
  4. If it is a large tree most if not all these suggestions are not correct. You have to be careful if you kill a tree in Mexico you can be fined since all trees belong to the country and permission must be granted for their removal. I don't think this is a matter to be discussed publicly.
  5. In the states, I have a water well and the water pump only comes on when I use water. Here I have a aljibe and a tinaco on my roof. The tinaco drains back into my aljibe constantly and every 10 or 15 minutes my pump comes on to refill the tinaco... Is this how the system is supposed to work?
  6. We had lunch today at Cocinart . Arturo welcomed us back and we had a great meal. We looked at the garden but opted for the dining room. Not a single fly, the first meal I've had here where I did not have to guard my plate. I had the seafood plate and my wife the shrimp salad. They were both very good. Cocinart has to be one of the finest restaurants Lake side.
  7. If I catch a bass I'm going to eat it. A filet from a 4 or 5 pound bass battered and fried in a iron skillet is some of the best eating there is.
  8. Hola, my name is Jim and we spend half of our time Lakeside and half our time in Oklahoma. We have a cattle ranch at Prague, Oklahoma and own a house Lakeside in Riberas Del Pilar. I am married to a Mexican woman from Mexico City who is also a practicing psychologist here in Mexico. We would be glad to answer any of your questions and could probably meet in Oklahoma prior to your visit here. Location, location is very important here and it is helpful if you can speak a little Spanish. A lot of the locals speak English due to the large number of ex-pats here but not all. The further you get from Ajijic the more Spanish you need. I was told when you first get here many people go to the LCHS but after they are here for a while and make friends, they don't much use it. The people are friendly and there is many, many restaurants which I enjoy. Property prices have not risen like in the states but I am sure after the virus settles down they will. Adios for now
  9. Want to thank everyone for their great responses. When we were here a year ago, we ate at all of these restaurants with the exception of Letra CH which we will try and make it too next week. I know things change in a years time, so we will give all of them a try again. Since arriving, we have ate at Mediteranian, Panchos, Lety's, Food Container and Scallions. The best was Mediteranian but I didn't like paying 35 pesos for the garlic bread. Worst was Scallions where I didn't like the spaghetti although the meat balls were large. Main problem was once we got our order, we never saw a waiter again until we paid out. Food Container wasn't bad and there was a lot less flies than last year. Lety's fish wasn't up to par and Pancho's was better than last year. I noticed there was a steady stream of customers going upstairs for the pizza.
  10. Thanks to all. For some unknown reason my laptop came alive again. I did nothing but turn it on again. Will try and make it until I go back to the states. Gracias
  11. My computer just conked out on me. Where is the best place to buy a reasonable replacement. We need right away so can't wait for one to be shipped.
  12. I know we have done this before but since the covid virus many things have changed. Restaurants have closed, new ones started, new management, etc. I would like to know each persons opinion of current sit down restaurants which is their favorite and why. Just one restaurant please. We will be arriving back to lakeside next week and will try and eat at all the recommendations. We like to eat out one meal a day. Visiting the various restaurants is one of my favorite thinks to do. The great reasonably priced restaurants is one of my favorite things about lakeside. The restaurants should be located from Chapala to Jocotepec.
  13. Mario's is an excellent Mexican restaurant. Have ate their for many years. I belief Adelita's is vastly over rated and when the band plays is very noisy. Have had people brag on their short ribs but I found them terrible.
  14. Very funny, but wrong use of terminology. happyjillin is correct proper terminology is Boston butt or simply butt roast. The shoulder/blade roast is also very good. A pork steak is an entirely different cut of meat and will usually have bone in it.
  15. This place looks interesting. We will definitely give it a try. Wonder what dishes they serve, looks almost like home cooking which would be great.
  16. I believe water shortages to be the number 1 problem Lakeside in the future. As more and more well's are drilled the water table keeps receding. I understand Guadalajara owns the lake water rights but is not using the water at the moment. Sooner or later the pueblos are going to need this water. You state you want to live in development but in case of water shortage they may be in for a problem. If you live in a pueblo, I think the government will be forced to take care of you and water from lake will be accessed. If you live in a development they may or may not help you. I chose to live in a pueblo and have ready walking distance access to virtually everything. Most all the developments you need a car and as you have read, traffic is terrible here. Weather is great here and the Mexican's are helpful and friendly. I think most people will welcome you with the exception of a few cranky people on this board.
  17. At this price, I'll have to pass on this restaurant. About as high as I've seen anywhere Lakeside.
  18. Argentina is one of the greatest eaters of beef per capita in the world. The government subsidizes the cost of beef to the public and with the current world prices they are trying to cut back on exports and preserve the meat for public consumption. A long dry period greatly reduced the number of cows in Argentina.
  19. A filet mignon is the tip of the tenderloin. Sounds like the restaurant had some tenderloin cut up for shish kebobs and served daisy with them masquraded as a filet mignon.
  20. We use to call them June Bugs since this is when they appeared. I use to set buckets around a light pole and feed them to my chickens. It was fun to watch the chickens fight over them. I would throw one in the pen and a chicken would grab it and run with the other chickens chasing it.
  21. I think most butcher shops have it. I have been buying it at the butcher shop on the corner East of the Ajijic plaza. They had it in a big can and I bought a kilo at a time.
  22. We swore off samsung phones after my wife's exploded and burned large hole in hotel carpet. We were lucky she had placed it on a table prior to explosion. This was 3 years ago.
  23. Due to the additive problem. There is now a big market in the USA for meat from cattle which have been grass fed only. Angus beef which has been grazed on good grass is tender and has a great flavor. Packaging in US indicates if it is grass fed beef.
  24. Don't know about feed lot's for sure but I believe they have changed their practices. Here in Oklahoma as of about 3 years ago, I can no longer buy medicated feed and if I have a sick animal, I must get veterinary help for animal or get a prescription from a vet in order to buy an antibiotic vaccine. This means almost no animals going to feed lots will have antibiotics in them. Use to when calves were weaned many people fed them a medicated feed to keep them from getting colds, etc.
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