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  1. Gracias, for the inputs. What will she need besides her old passport.
  2. My Mexican wife needs to renew her Mexican passport. Does anyone know where in Guadalajara she can do this and what documents she might need gracias
  3. Russets are grown in Mexico but the dirty potato's sold around here are a close relative of the russet. I looked at Pancho's russet's and I don't think they are russet's from the USA. Just like many other vegetables like onion's the soil it is growed in and the climate make a big difference. Russet potato's are great for french fries and for baking. Much superior to the white/yellow potato found around here.
  4. I bought the brown onions at Pancho's and they are not a sweet onion. They are a lot better than the white ones and about on a par with the red ones.
  5. Thanks I will try the brown onions at Pancho's.
  6. If you are out in the community, I don't see where you will ever have spare change. You have the beggars at the Ajijic Tiangus, Superlake, and the main street of Chapala plus poor nino's. In fact I have to limit it. One beggar at the tiangus, one at Superlake and one in Chapala plus the nino's. I try to keep a few pesos back for the autobus but its hard.
  7. I enjoy onions with most of my meals. Here in Mexico all the onions I buy are hot. Does anyone know where I can buy sweet ones. In Oklahoma I buy Peruvian onions which I understand are the vidalia onion from Georgia planted in Peru. It is not quite as sweet as the vidalia from Georgia but it is more firm and is just right for my test buds. I also buy sweet Mexican onions in Oklahoma but I have not seen them here. They are not as sweet as the Peruvian onion but not bad.
  8. The hearts look very good. My favorite parts of the chickens are fried hearts, gizzards and liver. Many of the quick stops and small grocers sell them to go in Oklahoma.
  9. I saw some Borax at Pancho's. I got a case of borax from amazon in USA. Don't know if amazon mex has it or not.
  10. We are a long ways from buying pork belly but this is my two cents worth. I love pork shoulder steak, I like it as good as a fine beef steak and I have raised and had butchered many beefs. I like the pork shoulder steak grilled or fried, I think the bone gives it a better flavor. I like it better than the butt portion which is usually boneless with less marbeling. As for the shoulder roast, I do not like it deboned. I think it cooks better and has a better flavor if the bone is left in.
  11. Don't know about Uber but I just got a airport taxi at midnight. From airport to Riberas 450 pesos. Don't think Uber will be much cheaper than this.
  12. If its meat or produce, I do not haggle if I think its over priced, I simply walk away. If its manufactured or hand made, depending on item I may haggle. I know there is a gringo price and a Mexican price. I try to get between the two. My Mexican wife doesn't haggle so I tell her, let me make the offers. I usually tell them, if I buy two what is the cost and I usually get a good price for the 2. Prices in Ajijic are higher for almost everything so depending on what I want, I usually go to Chapala or Jocotepec tiangus or stores.
  13. I agree there should be only one menu. Since we will pay in peso's the use of a dollar amount will only confuse the issue as we would have to figure how many peso's to pay. Also it is a simple menu with no exotic items so I think in Spanish or English either one will be fine. I am sure both the gringo's and Mexican's can figure out what the item is.
  14. I think all of the butcher shops at the Chapala plaza will have it. Especially the one on the northwest corner as they usually half hanging a half a hog.
  15. I got a flyer today from La Casa De Ray for delivery of Pizza and Pasta. They appear to be in Ajijic but I have never heard of them before. Does anyone know anything about them and how is their food. They appear to be reasonably priced.
  16. In the USA now if you shoot a burglar in your house, he will probably sue you and get the house. The secret to this is "if he lives". When I got my concealed weapon permit, I was told if you shoot someone, empty your gun. I'm an excellent shot but many people aren't and need to follow this advice.
  17. When I first arrived in England I was in charge of the USA government office at the Martin Baker Aircraft Plant. We had permission to eat at the companies cafeteria and a regular lunch was steak and kidney. Later we received a new engineer and the second day he was there the lunch special that day was steak and kidney. After eating a few bites, he said," you know this really is steak and kidney." I said, "yes it is". He said, " you know it's quite tasty". I said, "yes it is". He put down his fork and never ate another bite.
  18. Eric Blair is correct. What you need is a lot of noise. Either a siren or horn which makes a lot of it. This will make the intruders uneasy and almost all of them will run away. As for the taser or stun gun, you don't bring them to a gun or knife fight, you will get hurt. Best is a baseball bat if they aren't armed, if they are its best to comply with their demands. I recently went thru a carjacking attempt in Texarkana, Texas but they ran off when I emerged with a 38 in my hand. They were lucky.
  19. I posted this topic in an attempt at humor and I must say I don't make a habit of spitting in public but when I had the flu I once did this and it makes you feel like a fool plus now having a dirty mask.
  20. What I meant by the comment it is hard to identify the good people at a protest who are there in support of their cause from the criminal element who are there to steal and riot. The masks make police identification very difficult.
  21. The worse thing about a face mask is when I go to spit and realize to late I have a mask on. Second worse is when I am shopping and the mask makes my glasses fog up. Third worse is talking on phone with mask on. Fourth worse is trying to identify the good people from the bad people when they are all wearing masks. In general just like everyone else I hate masks.
  22. My apology as I know this subject was discussed before but I have been unable to pull up the subject. I need someone to clean my aljibe and tinaco, preferably speaks English, Would appreciate a name and phone number for the Riberas area. Gracias
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