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  1. I also used JP Home Services and they did a good job. I believe I paid $1,500 pesos. I am sure my aljibe was larger than they thought as it took 3 hours to pump it out and 12 hours to refill it. I got a bid for the job and I am glad I did. I never knew my aljibe was this big and it had not been cleaned in years. Water was very dirty and now very clean in appearance. We just use the water for garden and laundry.
  2. Yes, I would select dignity over food as most of my friends would. I am sorry you feel different. You can repair loss of food but you can never repair loss of dignity.
  3. While my wife comes from a middle class Mexican family, I grew up very poor. I didn't even have new shoes to wear to school. I worked my way through University and have a Masters degree as does my wife. I know first hand how it is to be poor and my friends are working people who work hard and make for themselves a better life. You cannot buy friendship and I think the interaction between people is more important than any money you might give them. I treat people with dignity which is more important than giving them a few pesos.
  4. You are being very smart. When we first came here we rented a house in La Floresta which is considered one of the best areas in Ajijic. We rented for 2 years than bought a house in Riberas. We bought in Riberas because the houses were cheaper and we got a nice size garden. This was a wise decision because Riberas is really growing with many services and restaurants. We are also out of most of the traffic jams found in Ajijic. We looked at many houses but when we found this one, we knew this was the one and we are very happy here. Hope you have the same luck.
  5. I believe the secret to living here lakeside is very simple. You just treat everyone as a human being, nothing more, nothing less. It is true I only tip in the 10 to 15 percent range but this is nothing different from what I do in the states. In addition, I give to all the beggars although sometimes I think I am being hustled. I have a fondness for the nino's so I contribute to their causes. We have a gardener and maid and we pay them the going rate and if they do something extra, we pay them extra. My wife always provides a meal for the maid and eats with her. Both the gardener and maid have been with us for 5 years and they are wonderful people. Sometimes they need extra money and we will loan it to them, they always pay us back. My wife is a psychologist here in Mexico and had her own television show in Mexico City, I worked for the government and traveled all over the world. Here lakeside we are just lakesiders who probably relate more to the Mexican community than the expat one. We are respected by the Mexican community as we are simply a member of the community. Unfortunately there are rich expat's and rich Mexicans who think money is all important. We believe a good heart is all that is important.
  6. When I was a poor boy in Oklahoma growing up, we almost lived on salted pork belly. Fried and in beans it was great.
  7. Excellent advice. You need to check out the location and actually see the house. Most houses are for 6 month or 12 month lease, you will have trouble getting 3 month lease at a good rate. A lot of the houses will be furnished and you will have a good selection since snow birds won't be here.
  8. My Mexican wife and the Mexican people I know do not consider people who over tip as being kind and generous. Rather they consider them to be condescending and stupid.
  9. Thanks for the report. I thank I will give this restaurant a pass. I noticed the steaks were 100P higher than other places.
  10. I understand its ceramic tiles we are talking about. You cannot chisel them.
  11. Thanks to everyone. I won't have to worry about buying cheese again, thanks to all these appreciated answers!
  12. Another option: Restaurants use a rubber mat to keep from sliding and following. Two or 3 of these can be cut to width desired and used. Each mat will provide 2 or 3 cuttings. Big advantage, if you want to go back to the tiles, you just take them up. Will last many years. They also have mats for horse and cattle trailers to keep the livestock from falling.
  13. I always put two broken eggs in my meat loaf but never heard of putting whole ones in it. This sounds interesting I think I will try it. The only place around here serving meat loaf I know of is Paninos and they don't put whole eggs in it. Does anyone know of another restaurant where they serve meat loaf?
  14. Does anyone know where I can buy Pepperjack cheese. I use to buy it at Pancho's but they have been out for quite a while. When they were first out they said manyana they will have. Now they say maybe manyana.
  15. How are the prices and do they have a food specialty?
  16. I believe the location given by both these sites is wrong. They are each different and a long ways from the malecon.
  17. Another bank in Chapala bites the dust. The corona virus claims another victim as the Chapala Santander bank is now closed because of the virus. This leaves only one full service bank open in Chapala and it is very busy. Took 2 hours today to get to a bank teller.
  18. We were the 3rd customer to the restaurant and they had no gas so we had a long wait. The maji maji fish was fine but I didn't like the chips. They were a good size but not fried in oil. I asked if they were frozen but they said they were freshly cut. Tasted like they were baked in an oven. They were cooked all the way through and very dry. Its possible this was just opening day problem. Someone else here said they got some excellent fries the next day. I will try the french fries again, and my wife got an excellent chili en nogada. The chips and salsa were also very good. I like the restaurant and we will eat there again.
  19. Supposedly several of the Banemex workers came down with the covid virous and they closed the bank. There has been a run on the ATM and they have not refilled it
  20. There is a rumor the Chapala Banamex is closed because many of the workers have the covid. Guadalajara Banamex locations are open. My wife has account at Banamex while mine is at Santander. We are not really worried about account but may change once everything settles down.
  21. As Linapolo stated the name of the restaurant is Membrillo. Entrance to restaurant is on Marco Castellano.
  22. Thank you for the information. We are now trying to get an appointment. Hopefully they will have vacancy before we go back to the states. Also thanks to everyone else who have provided much appreciated information.
  23. We got there around 1 pm and were the only customers. Later two women came in. After we ordered, they later came and told us they had no gas but truck was on the way. It was about an hour before we got our order. They had a temporary menu to order from. Waitress showed us the new menu's but said it would be next week before they could be used. My wife had the chili nogada and I had the fish and chips. She said the chili nogada was very good but my fish and chips were only so so. The fries tasted like they were frozen chips but they said they were freshly cut so they did not cook them properly. They were cooked all the way through which I do not like. The atmosphere was pleasant and the tables and chairs new. The staff was very attentive and gave us some extra goodies, and drinks were free since we had to wait. Over all we enjoyed the restaurant and will be back. I just won't order the fish and chips. They also said they would start serving breakfast in a week or two.
  24. We got some donuts and bagels at Vicky's yesterday. They were both very good. In fact the donuts are the best I have had lakeside. There goes my diet!!
  25. Thanks for all the information. Just two other questions, please. In documents there is no mention of photos. Did you take new photos there or did they take photo in their office. Also how long did it take to get the passport. Gracias
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