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  1. I went to Walmart Saturday and found the anejo but not the extra anejo maybe they were sold out?
  2. rafterbr


    I have had a Kobe steak one time in my life, when I was in Japan. A real kobe steak here would cost at least $12,000 pesos. The kobe meat we get here from the states is kobe style meat because it comes from the wagyu cattle a strain of cows in Japan. In Japan the farmer will feed the beef beer and massage it for many hours each day. Because of this he will only feed out one or two head at a time. This vast labor involvement makes the meat very expensive. There are only a few thousand of these cattle being fed so its meat hardly ever leaves Japan. The kobe name was not trade marked in the US so people can get by with saying they are selling kobe beef. A lot of the wagyu cows in the US have been crossed with the black angus breed so you are not even getting a pure wagyu steak.
  3. When I first came to Ajijic I had just sold a location for a taco bell. When talking with the mexican who was showing me properties, I mentioned this fact to him. He said, you know I think a taco bell would really do good here. I said, a taco bell? He said sure, these mexicans have never tasted anything like this in their life!
  4. I found the cheese thread very helpful. I did not know about the extra anejo Navarro cheese. I had tried the regular Navarro at Walmart and did not like it. I agree it seems some times posts get off the topic but the posts can be interesting and useful. Isn't this the intent of the forum?
  5. I must have gone to a different school than you folks. If he saved 50p on each of 10 units this is 500p. He gave 50p each to 6 baggers this is 300p. This leaves him ahead 200p.
  6. Reminds me of when I was in Australia. The Australian white potato is about twice the size of the russet potato. They make great fish and chips. One day I was at the Ballarat market and a man was parked there with a pickup load of russet potatos. He was having a tough time selling them as they were so much smaller than the potatos the Aussies were use to. He told me you know I got the spuds for these potatos from the states but I don't think I will plant any more of them.
  7. I agree with Ezzie in the states I just had a house built and used black pipe for the gas and PEX tubing for the water. A concern was the water freezing but was told the PEX stands up well to the cold and is supposed to have a good longivity. The PEX is very easy to work with you just need a PEX ratchet and the assorted fittings.
  8. The bakery in San Antonio is located at 237B San Jose. I bought cinamon rolls and carrot cake muffins there today. Price is around 5 pesos each.
  9. Depending on your bank whether there is an english speaking employee or not. I know at Santander they do not and I don't believe Banamax has either. Some bank accounts will stay open with a minumum deposit and some will not. You can get a new pin at the bank but if they don't have an english speaking employee you will have to get some one who speaks english go with you. I forgot my pin and password so had to get new ones. It was a real problem because they had to call headquarters and find someone there who spoke english. I got a new account at Santander with my passport, tourist visa and the recomendations from two local mexicans. I needed their address and phone numbers.
  10. In San Antonio there is a mexican pottery place and a mattress shop on the south side of the carretera, I believe this is San Jose you go toward the lake on the street that runs beside them and before you get to R. Corona the place is on the right or west side. There is just a black door open. When you look inside you will see all the baked goods on both sides of the room. There is no signs, all the locals know it as it is quite popular. I really like their carrot muffins. They have an assortment of breads and pastries. I don't think they are open on Sunday and maybe one other during the week. I believe their profit goes to a charity but not sure about this. I'll be going there Monday so will give update.
  11. In San Antonio go south towards the lake where the mattress place is on the Carretera. Go several blocks and on the right is a black casa and door which will be open. You can smell the great smells coming from it. They have bread and pastries that are tasty and cheap. They bake daily and there is no sign indicating a bakery is here.
  12. There is no problem with ground water if house has a proper base of 3 feet in the ground., Not sure how you would know this but if it is an older house just look for cracks around the doors and walls. There is not a public sewer there so the houses have septic tanks. It is best if it has a dark water and grey water tank. Find out the construction of the tank. If it is flimsy the ground water can force it out of the ground or cave it in. This sounds like more problems than there actually is in Riberas.
  13. We went on the recent LCHS bus to Costco and looked at Matresses. Liverpool had some good queen size american made on sale for $7,900 pesos. The mattress place on the carretera in San Antonio had some American made ones from $6,000 to 8,000 pesos. They had a good one for $7,000. Both places said they would deliver for free. In both places this also included the base.
  14. You probably already have the copper pipes but f you don,t you probably know you should not use copper. It no longer meets housing codes in the US and there is a very limited use by plumbers they use black pipe for gas and the flex hose for water. They won't turn your gas on in the states if you have any copper in the system.
  15. I have followed house prices in Ajijic for the last 6 years and in the last 2 years they have gone up 25 to 50 %. You use to be able to buy a nice 2 bedroom house for $150 to 200,000. Now it will be over $200,000 and the inventory has been depleted . I have looked at houses all the way from Roca Azul to Chapala. At the moment the best buys are in Chapala Haciendas but I think they have a crime problem. In my opinion the best buys now are in Riberas Del Pilar. You are close to Chapala and Ajijic and the area is starting to boom. There are several good restaurants and medical attention in the area.
  16. The goat dish in Jocotepec only has gristle if you order it with the bone. I order the meat only and it is 90 pesos which I consider very reasonable.
  17. Does anyone know when a tiangus is on the south shore such as in Tizapan El Alto, Sahuayo, Tuxcueca or Mazantla?
  18. You are in Mexico go for the goat. The cabrito is great in Jocotepec plaza. Go to the sidewalk cafe on the east side. I believe there are two and this is the second one. You can tell because there are always a lot of mexicans eating there. Get the cabrito in the bowl of sauce it is really good. I have seen mexicans coming to just get the sauce and take it home. If you want some goat brain in your soup you can get this too>
  19. I probably don't qualify to be a redneck but I had a restaurant at Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma which is redneck country. The men were all gogetter's. They would take their wife's to work and than go get her.
  20. Quite right, Has anyone seen a breakfast like this around here? I usually did red eye gravy at dinner it is great over mashed potatos, meat loaf, cornbread dressing, etc.
  21. In the rural areas of Texas and Oklahoma a breakfast staple is biscuits and gravy. For many people this is all they have for breakfast. Most restaurants also give you a choice with your regular breakfast. You can have toast or biscuit and gravy. Biscuit and sausage gravy is very popular but in my restaurants we provided a simple black pepper gravy which many other restaurants also serve. Going back to a real redneck gravy the best is made from the leavings after you fry a squirrel next best is chicken. These are home made graveys you have to make yourself. The best bacon is what we call Arkansas bacon which is similar to Tiny's. Usually thick, lean and a little wider than Tiny's. Canadian bacon is usually like ham with very little fat. I f you want the real bacon taste however you need a little fat for flavor. I know some restaurants substitute ham for Canadian bacon.
  22. I like Tiny's bacon. You have to get into the deep south before you find grits on any menu.
  23. When I was here last year Mom's was one of my favorite restaurants. This year a dramatic change. Last year when I ate lunch there they usually had two specials, both of them good. This time I have eaten there 3 times and 2 of the times the only lunch special was a sandwich. I have to agree with the other article. I don;t like their breakfast. Their canadian bacon tastes more like ham to me and I was not impressed with their eggs, bacon or potatos. As for Alfredo's California I ate there once and liked it. The second time I had to fight a cockroach for a piece of toast and I haven't been back. My wife really told them what she thought of the place and I paid the bill and we left.
  24. Gracias nolajoe, I had one of the best breakfasts I've had at Lakeside this morning at the American Legion. The potatos and eggs were good and the bacon was five star. As a reference I decided to try the biscuits and sausage gravy even though I was full. Bad mistake I took one bite and that was it. The biscuits were flat not light and fluffy, the gravy was a cream and spiced not to my taste and the sausage was not of a type that I liked. In fairness I am sure many people like this biscuit and sausage gravy but in Oklahoma you wouldn't sell any. I had a supposed chef from New Orleans and he prepared his gravy with many spices this way < I think its the french influence>. No one liked it and we had to teach him how to make the simple black pepper gravy I'll be back for the breakfast just no more gravy and biscuits. They offered to not charge me for the biscuits and gravy but I said no, someone else would have liked it.
  25. Hate to spoil you'alls fun but I am married to a mexican woman from Mexico and she likes redneck breakfast's too..
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