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  1. I have heard & seen the guy with the whistle but have been wary of him after hearing from Mike Riley years ago that he ruined a pair of his good scissors. I thought he did mainly cutlery, didn't realize he also does tools. Same with the guy at Kinda of Bazaar, I have only good things about him so will take a few things to him this week. Thanks all for the info.
  2. Does anyone know of a business that sharpens garden tools, hedge clippers, pruning shears etc. I have asked at many hardware stores & they shake their heads. Anywhere from Joco to Chapala. Thank you.
  3. Thank you all for your info., I am all set with Ajijic Tree Services.
  4. For several years Chapala Tree Service has been our company of choice. unfortunately they are really busy right now & are unable to get to us for at least 3-4 weeks. Does anyone have a recommendation for others who do this work. The trees have grown quite high so we need someone who follows all safety measures. We are in Ajijic centro. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Sorry for my mistake, this inf. was on the other Board.
  6. This topic was covered a few weeks ago, I did a search & cannot find the info. If anyone still has it could you please post it again. Thank you.
  7. Another option is to buy a plant at any vivaro & plant it if you have any garden space, the stuff grows & spreads rapidly. I usually end up asking our housekeeper & gardener to help themselves. Same goes for parsley. Just a thought.
  8. Same here in Centro Ajijic, only lasted about 15 min. but hey, we appreciated every drop. Started with some thunder, I thought at first it was the Coke truck driving by.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. Has anyone seen cheese cubes suitable for kebobs. I have looked in all the usual places but no luck.
  11. I absolutely agree with everything you say about Elegante. We have tried several items on the menu & all have been excellent. Very friendly service & a nice setting. It does surprise me that more people have not discovered this gem. Perhaps a lot of people do not realize it is under new management with much better pricing than the previous owners.
  12. It is part of the Mexican culture & heritage. , if you don't like it, go elsewhere.
  13. Thanks for your help John. Amazon appears to offer a solution for our situation.
  14. We are looking to replace what we have. A doorbell outside that we can answer inside. I followed John's advice & checked them out on Amazon. We don't need to see who is ringing, we just want to know why they are ringing & then determine whether to open the door or not. I did find one on Amazon that would work for us. Thanks everyone for your help. w
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