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  1. Can anyone recommend a good dog trainer? My little Shitzu and I need help. TIA
  2. You need to reread my post again. I was merely comparing what you all have written saying how Mexicans are corrupt, don’t obey traffic laws, cops ask for bribes, how you can’t rely on police for help and on and on. Then I’m told how severance MUST be paid. Kind of contradicts things. I never said anything about not paying severance pay. Everyone seems to be so quick to be rude and say nasty things.
  3. I have read some great advice here and thank everyone for sharing. I have also noticed how things can turn ugly very quickly. I have even called a few people on this and they are so proud of their rudeness. This has been going on way before I arrived on this board. You know who you are and so do I.
  4. I’ve read so many posts here that turn ugly so quickly. I thought I moved away from rude Americans. But here they are. I’ll ask some of my nice Mexican friends who don’t have an attitude. So much for asking for help. Deleting this website. You can all go to hell.
  5. Laws are lax. No one obeys traffic laws. Corruption in government. And you say severance has to be paid. Sounds like maybe you don’t have to. Just saying...
  6. 2b/2b house needs a weekly cleaning lady. I’m wondering what folks pay and if you know someone. We are in West Ajijic TIA
  7. I believe it’s at the Guadalajara airport. Where at the airport would I go to finalize my car permit? TIA
  8. I have a VPN and it’s region is USA. But my AT&T TV app won’t work because I’m in Mexico. My google search says I’m in Ajijic (which I am) What am I doing wrong?
  9. Is there also a place I need to stop to register my car?. Temp visa in hand.
  10. I see there are 3 crossings. Which do you recommend?
  11. We are ready. Crossing in Nogales with temporary visas. Driving my car. Any tips to make it smoother?
  12. Driving down from US and looking for recommendations on hotel for the night.
  13. I’m 60. On a couple meds. Bp and cholesterol and pre diabetes. All 3 have been excluded from Mexican insurance. Do I still move to Mexico full time or cancel everything and return to work?
  14. Is it expensive? I’m afraid I could have a stroke or heart attack.
  15. Is it expensive? I’m afraid I could have a stroke or heart attack.
  16. What does everyone do when certain things on their medical plan are pre existing and will not cover?!
  17. Closing? Is this a home you sold in US and signed your closing docs in Mexico?
  18. Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement. Stress level under control now. You guys are awesome!! Be there 6/30. Look for me.
  19. Never done it before. Kinda nervous. Crossing In Nogales. Headed to Ajijic.
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