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  1. The Mexican version of the Libre is available at Costco and I’ve also seen them at Farmacias Guadalajara.   You can also order them directly from their website. I just checked and they are available here, https://www.freestyle.abbott/mx-es/home.html  

    We have a small group of T1D’s, T2D’s and pre-diabetics that meets once a month, usually by Zoom, which is great for getting information such as this.  If you’re interested please reach out to the facilitator, Kim Welch, at  welchk4diabetes@gmail.com. 

  2. On 1/24/2017 at 8:27 PM, Sea said:

    I can top that (maybe). Looked out during a torrential cloud burst during the rainy season, gardener was sheltered under the terraza roof, watering the flooded concrete in the yard. I'll give you the same advice a friend gave me, " Your gardener is sending you a message you are not hearing".

    The amount of pay is not the problem. For you, it's letting him decide what to do. If he is repeatedly off on his own horsing around, he needs supervision. A list every day. You must have acres of plants for that amount of time. Control what he's doing and you might look at cutting back the hours. If a list every day is onerous, once a week and review what he's doing off it every day. If there are plants that need hand watering, list them. Otherwise, no watering. None. Once you set the rules, you need to enforce them. You can do it without confrontation, but he's really taking advantage.

    Good luck. And fyi, I went through the nose bleed of properly firing She Waters Concrete in the Rain.



    You're right, when we assign him specific projects, he's not the fastest worker but he does a good job and seems to enjoy focusing on a project.  Hopefully we can figure out how to better manage him as we'd hate to fire him and end up having the same problem with somebody else.

  3. I'm beginning to feel the same way as the original poster, desperate!  I employ a gardener 5 days a week for 6 hours a day.  He spends approx 10 hours a week watering the garden after a 4 stage sprinkler system was thoroughly soaked everything.  I've tried to discipline him but a few days later it's back to a steady stream water flowing down the driveway and off down the street.  The most of the rest of the time he likes to prune certain shrubs and roses over and over again.  58 Pesos/hour; maybe I'm not paying enough?

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