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  1. What are the guidelines for maids and gardeners?
  2. Thanks bournemouth, that's easy enough to find.
  3. Can anyone tell me the address of Chali's? Their FB page doesn't show this and the only address I can find when I Google it is their old one on the Carretera. Thanks!
  4. You're right, when we assign him specific projects, he's not the fastest worker but he does a good job and seems to enjoy focusing on a project. Hopefully we can figure out how to better manage him as we'd hate to fire him and end up having the same problem with somebody else.
  5. I'm beginning to feel the same way as the original poster, desperate! I employ a gardener 5 days a week for 6 hours a day. He spends approx 10 hours a week watering the garden after a 4 stage sprinkler system was thoroughly soaked everything. I've tried to discipline him but a few days later it's back to a steady stream water flowing down the driveway and off down the street. The most of the rest of the time he likes to prune certain shrubs and roses over and over again. 58 Pesos/hour; maybe I'm not paying enough?
  6. We pay just over 60 pesos an hour for 3 hours twice a week. She has a long steep climb to the house and often arrives huffing and puffing. "La subida, senor!" I think she says. She's worth every penny/peso...
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