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  1. What Do I need to buy and sell a car? What documents are needed to purchase a vehicle in Mexico? A passport is the best photo identification. Foreigners need a VISA TEMPORAL or VISA PERMANENTE, plus proof of address in Mexico. That’s to make sure you are legal in country. In Jalisco, Mexico a Tourist Visa does not qualify a person to purchase a car. What you need is a phone or electric bill no older than the past 60 days, showing the full civic address in your name. If a car buyer has no proof of address because documents are in the name of a previous property owner or the present landlord if renting, then there must be a copy of the purchase agreement or rental agreement (minimum one year) plus copies of the appropriate utility bills in the owner’s name and his/her picture ID. Copy all documents for the officials. INFO PROVIDED BY LOCAL JALISCO AUTO DEALERS
  2. Have a Mexican Plated car which a recently arrived U.S. citizen wants to buy from me. What are the qualifications/documentation needed by buyer? Visa Status required? As in Temporal or Permanente? or other requirements? thanks
  3. THANKS SO VERY MUCH...for the excellent input.. HAVE shared with my relative... YOU community folks...on Chapala.con are 'awesome'😊 THANKS
  4. Have relative traveling alone ...driving from Canada in his late model truck Non Spanish speaking Has traveled alone to Baja....only Mexico experience. Please your opinion of crossing at Laredo?🤫 Thanks
  5. Please recommend rental car company in AJIJIC OR LAKE CHAPALA area NEED RECENT rental rates per week. Thanks much
  6. to the U.S. Have some personalty to ship to my address in the U.S. Do not need a moving company Medium size box or 2 Please share what your shipping experiences have been Is there a mailing service Lakeside that will pack and insure and send ? Or have packing materials and send resulting package(s) once ready to ship? And know information on duty costs and length of time to receive in U.S. from Lakeside? Thanks.
  7. Motor cycle enthusiast visitor has asked me to obtain any update on the availability of this group of motorcyclist enthusiasts. Please if you would...provide name(s) of contact and phone numbers. Greatly appreciate.☺️
  8. Please advise what you have experienced about the RENEWAL process and cost of a VISA TEMPORAL DOES ONE need to REQUALIFY based on Mexican requirements of income/assets/etc each year of the Visa Temporal renewal? And can an individual process his/her own renewal of this document or need a facilitator? Thanks🙃
  9. Does the CURP Card come with the services of a facilitator(local Lakeside Attorney) or if not, how does one obtain the CARD FORM of the CURP. I visited the Immigration office in Chapala..had dig. fingerprints and photos taken had paid the fee through the Lakeside facilitator(attorney) but was not given a plastic Curp Card. Thanks for your help/experience.
  10. Thank you for sharing. Greatly appreciated. Happy New Year!
  11. Please where in AJIJIC can I take documents and other papers to have copies made? Thanks 😊
  12. I shop elsewhere Have to be too vigilant to ward off pickpockets One attempt was foiled...one was not...loss one watch Cashier problems...changing money amounts(the quick switch asking for exact change after receiving larger bill with my payment) and 'failing' to return my larger bill which I had originally provided for payment... Security is a challenge..and little follow up. AND the parking area is a hazard with much thievery.
  13. Thanks ... Wondering if you have used personal/individual transport other than Airport and what the per hour or day cost was. I have been quoted $250 Pesos an hour by a local driver. Are there more reasonable per hour prices? Thanks
  14. Please advise me what rates generally are being charged by hour/day for personal drivers. Guadalajara and local Lakeside transportation. Airport Thank you for sharing.
  15. Please share contact information and personal experience(leak in house or garden water system) From Lakeside or Guadalajara Greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Need assistance of fluent Spanish speaking driver familiar with location and procedures at Immigration office in Guadalajara to obtain Visa related official card which results from assistance by Ajijic immigration attorney (Bateman).. Thank you
  17. YES, many choose Ajijic for this decided advantage. There are seemingly disadvantages as well. Not experienced but your comments were of assistance. Thank you😊
  18. Living style in the Ajijic village area seems to be preferred over other locations. What seems to be the motivating aspects of choosing a lakeside area? Quiet bucolic locations seem valued less. Please share any suggestions to assist in choosing a location at lakeside. Your own home location/site and its advantages and or disadvantages. Need assistance choosing lifestyle location in lakeside. And am concerned with finding a happy medium between high density population vs. water and environmental advantages of an area. Is Ajijic the location, location, location guideline to use ? Thanks
  19. Thank you for your kindness and thoroughness of sharing on this site.

     Warm regards

  20. Please help me find a reliable and experienced driver (bilingual) who can provide transportation(air conditioned vehicle) and communication assistance(Spanish) for local and Guadalajara service. Your experience and use. Please not hearsay referral. Thanks very much.🙂
  21. Any assistance to assist would be greatly appreciated~ And important service/making a house call for repair. Reliable skills Thanks 😊
  22. Thanks for providing business name and phone # ...perhaps location for obtaining passport photos. 🙂
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