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  1. Thanks guys, now I know if I can't try it on, my as well get what I REALLY want from Amazon.
  2. Why would it be envy. I live here too. It would be envy if I was still paying $750/mo in California.
  3. How so. Don't you just got to the place where they issue the licenses, take the test, then get your license?. Same day? Never mind. Just read the above posts.
  4. My daughter just flew from Sacramento, CA to GDL. The cost of Aeromexico (where you get free drinks and food) was the same as the Volaris "bus". Much more comfort and Volaris is notorious for cancelling flights and not bothering to tell you.
  5. Get a property manager. Makes life so much easier.
  6. Most Canadians are so rude and self involved here in Mexico, we don't want you here anyway.
  7. You are correct. We are selling our condo in Puerto Vallarta because we live in Ajijic full time now and like it better. I have researched the law and talked to my realtor. Find another notario, they are flat wrong.
  8. Oh, please. No more people. If those towers go up, it is the end. We are on our way to Vallartaville.
  9. After buying our house in Rancho del Oro 2 years ago (and having it inspected), we were going through a tank a week. It turns out all of our underground and in the wall pipes had rotted and were leaking. As you know, there are no full disclosure laws here in Mexico. Had to have our courtyard and walls ripped out and have the pipes replaced. This is AFTER we had the entire house painted. Apparently it is happening a lot here from what I understand. The only way you can find this out is have an inspector with an ultrasound machine come out from Guad.
  10. Right to the right of my house. I knew it was coming.....does anyone know the height restrictions on homes built?
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