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  1. If you read up about what actually happened with the polio vaccine you might be a little more suspicious.....the first vaccine caused 30,000 cases of polio and was withdrawn. At the same time the USA started polio vaccination British and French cases dropped by 85% with no vaccination. Why? The virus had mutated to a form that no longer caused paralysis. The only virulent polio virus is in the vaccines. Read up on Bill Gates and his polio vaccination programs in Africa and India.Did you know that Pasteur repudiated his own work at the end of his life? He said,"I was wrong, germs are there for everyone, it's the territory (immune system) that matters." The last time I had a vaccine was in 1969, I was in the last group to have the small pox vaccine mandatory for college and it was 3 needles in a cup delivered to the skin. Injection of vaccines makes no sense from the viewpoint of your immune system, it's designed for germs coming in from the nose, mouth, eyes, digestive system and skin. I think the so called antibodies are proof only of irritation, not immunity. My father was paralysed for 2 years after a flu shot in 1977, luckily he recovered,but I'll put my faith in my immune system every time. And I haven't driven a car since 1973, so I'll be careful crossing the carretera....
  2. Opened this morning at Guadalupe Victoria #48. The name is "Lunchbox Comida para llevar" They have breakfast, pastas, salads, hamburgers and sandwiches. Proclaim home delivery 376-766-7323 331-819-5152 Also on FaceBook
  3. Early on there was an effort to combine with Argentina to support AstraZeneca in their development of the vaccine that would be offered free or cheap to Latin America. I believe Carlos Slim was offering some backing too. There was a hitch in production that caused AstraZeneca to halt that version so AMLO sought out other venues. He thought he had a deal with the US to share supplies,but soon it was apparent that it wasn't going to be forth coming. He's talked with Indian, Russian and Chinese suppliers too. This isn't a problem confined to Mexico, as countries all over are competing for supplies. J&J had to destroy 15M doses because of "wrong recipe" so who knows what is going on with production at other facilities....many states in the US are also experiencing difficulties with distribution.
  4. 70% of all medications taken in the USA are from China and India and now you're worried about their standards....none of these pharmacutical companies tell the whole truth about their products claiming it's private information. The public is only given need-to-know info and a certain number of adverse effects and deaths are a calculated risk that is accepted by them. We are all too familiar with drug recalls of medications that have been tested and used for years by US companies where it was found that the drug was more deadly than the disease. None of these vaccines have had a long trial period and long term effects haven't had time to show themselves. The expunging of comments on FB and Twitter from sources both governmental and private is, in my opinion, a crack down on free speech by the corporate state. How can you make an informed decision when all you have access to is the official handout ? Anything that doesn't support that narrative is purged and decried as a conspiracy theory to shut down any dialogue. Why are we as a society so afraid of other opinions? Freedom of information, speech and choice have really taken a severe blow these last years making monsters of anyone that doesn't support the prevailing theory. People are reacting from a position of fear for themselves and those they love and are grasping at any solution that the "authorities" present. Opposing ideas are seen as a threat and no amount of intellectual discussion can dissuade an emotional attitude. You want to single out AMLO, but he has been on this vaccine quest since last year making deals with Astrazeneca, Argentina ,USA, China, etc to obtain vaccines , many of which fell through. Even in the US many localities don't have access. In SF, my home town, yesterday they ran out in 90 minutes leaving thousands waiting in line.
  5. A new raspado shop has opened up in Ajijic down Colon towards the Malecon. Raspados are shaved ice with different liquid toppings. Lucia has dozens of flavors and makes them herself. She is open every day but Tuesday from 12-8pm. Just the thing for these hot days....
  6. AMLO said he would stick with DST instead of switching back and forth...we'll see. These switches only benefit those at higher latitudes, not the tropics.
  7. Saw Maria Isabel was shuttered and looked inside, completely gutted of any tables or equipment. Wonder what's next....This is one of the oldest sites in Ajijic, formerly called the old Posada. When I first visited here in 1992 there was an old map framed on the wall that showed the original map of Axixque that started there and continued up Colon to the old church on the plaza, set up in the Spanish style. At that time it was in a state called Nueva Avila and only accessible from across the lake. I hope whatever new venture takes the building over will continue to respect its long history. ....
  8. The reason for the 10,000 L aljibe is that the water trucks only hold that amount and if you want any less they charge you the same as they have no way of measuring....you can also judge if you got the right amount by how full it is. of course, if you have city water or may have in the future, a bigger tank would be great.
  9. This is not "Gringo Guilt" but "Gringo Awareness". Once you know, you can't unknow and the truth of the matter is that on the personal level it might look like a good deal to save a few pesos at the Big Stores, the hidden costs on the local/global level is too high. One thing this has to do with is the velocity of money. It used to be that a dollar spent in the local economy would circulate 9 times before going out of the community, now it's twice. How divestating is that to a local economy? The loss of local sales due to the convenience of all-in -one- store shopping when often the same item can be bought locally for less, produce transported thousands of miles on polluting vehicles ,items produced with basically slave labor--that's why it's so cheap, processed foods of dubious value but shiney packaging and years of customer research behind them and the impulse buying associated with them. Who hasn't left the store with things they didn't have on their list? You're a better person than I am....
  10. Try Savta. I grew up on rye bread and apples in my Polish family...
  11. The problem with Lake Chapala is the same as with Lake Sahara--yeah, Lake Sahara. They both have no outflow so there's too much siltification. This means that their volume to surface area is out of the proportion so that there is too much evaporation and not enough of a reservoir because its too shallow. Eventually it will go underground. I wish that when the lake was extremely low that they would have excavated a deep channel to hold water. there was a rumor at that time that a Japanese company wanted to dredge the lake and was willing to build a train spur to take away the soil to Japan for topsoil, but local groups fought them claiming that this was a Mexican patronim and not for sale. Always been rumors of treasure buried in the lake....I heard that the lake exits in the west end underground under the hills west of Joco. there are salt lakes there. Our lake used to cover the entire state of Jalisco.
  12. That's a broad statement and untrue. I haven't driven since 1973 and have lived in Ajiic fulltime for over 20 years and haven't begin to sample all of the great restaurants within walking distance. Every year more interesting spots pop up and the old time establishments are always upgrading. The fact that there's no parking may be a turn off to some and nostalgia for the similarity of urban/suburban restaurants back home make make some seek out that experience, but Ajijic--and the entire lakeside area--has a quality of dining not seen in most of Mexico, not to mention the USA.
  13. Wow! The price is really high and with delivery charges it's out of sight--between 539p and over 1000p for the exact same thing. I've noticed a lot of products that come through US companies has risen, anyone else make this observation?
  14. I believe it was under 400p for 3.79L....I will be needing some more soon, so I would appreciate an updated price.
  15. I remember the same here in Ajijic in a kioske on the plaza until the mid-90's....after that we could use the Lada phone booth on a corner there, if you could figure out how to use it!
  16. Ha-ha--open every day except Tuesday. I love this place, Naz's work ethic, his insistence on using pricier quality ingredients, the variety of goods not available anywhere else and the ambiance. He's added outdoor umbrella tables and inside or outside you can have a private conversation without interruptions unlike the more public plaza spots.
  17. Bought mine at Costco,but that was months ago so I don't know about availability now. Ask a friend to pick you up some when they shop there....
  18. I went to Doctor George, a podiatry clinic last month and was pleasantly surprised. I was dreading having an ingrown toenail taken care of and had been putting it off thinking I could take care of it myself. The facilities were extremely clean, the therapist knowledgeable and gentle and effective. I actually felt like it was a spa day.... Carretera Poiniente #8 , Aijic 376-766-0481 332-2565-0499 ajijic@drgeorge.com.mx
  19. We have another house in SJC that has had the electrical wires stolen from it 3 times, so we didn't replace them this time. Figured we'd give some $$ back when we sold it. Was paying the 49p/mo to keep it up to date with CFE. Neighbor found our newest bill and gave it to us--3500p! Seems some squatter hooked up to the meter and did some welding...had my lawyer straighten it out.
  20. There's still no vaccine for fear. All governments' statistics are suspect as there is a lot of money and media pressure involved. Certainly no one wants to get sick with anything,but these restrictions undermine the health of the individual and the cost both economically and physically will be of more impact than the 1% fatality of the virus. Untreated illnesses, domestic violence, starvation, no money for necessities like gas and electricity or meds, mental problems from isolation, stress from the fear that you or a loved one could be a carrier, all will have a cost much higher than the virus. What is the meaning of life? It is to be lived to the fullest, we all die eventually. Long or short, it is the quality of life that matters not the length. We as a species don't know if the length is preordained from birth and those of you who believe in Heaven don't seem to be any more eager to go there than unbelievers. I'll wear my mask for you but I won't put on blinders....
  21. When they were originally going to repair the area around the plaza it was indicated that the power lines would be put underground and poles removed. For those of you who were not here then, it was a hot mess for everyone for blocks surrounding the plaza from October to March of that year essentially ruining our high season. There was no heads up for any of us although it had been discussed for years. They dug out the streets about a meter deep to replace sewer lines and broke sidewalks creating an unsafe condition for anyone visiting the plaza. The noise, heavy machinery, dust was too much and we had to close our business and lost the season....no input from the citizens . Everyone was protesting the replacement of the east-west streets being concreted between the stones instead of dirt to no avail. The north-south streets needed it because that's where the rain runoff goes, but the others were needed the dirt to allow drainage. Now it has standing water in the rainy season and daily from people washing their sidewalks. They did make some handicapped ramps at the intersections around the plaza, but the crossings were still uneven. If you've ever had to assist anyone in walking, the sidewalks and crossings are a hazard. And the poles that are so close on the sidewalk that you can't walk two abreast or use your umbrella. I've also seen several people knocked to the ground by protruding CFE meters that are in a blind spot if you're wearing a brimmed hat....Those ficus trees break up and warp sidewalks, but what homeowner would remove them when the permits from Ecology are as much as 3500p!
  22. Actually cats have much different needs than dogs. Protein, because cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores, but especially Taurine, Vit A, Vit C, Niacin,etc. that cat's can't produce themselves. An occasional meal won't kill them, but prolonged use can cause all kinds of health problems including death.
  23. This is not a lung problem, but the inability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen. The lungs are just one of the organs that exhibit stress from oxygen deprivation and die off of damaged cells. In obese, diabetic, etc people your body loses that capacity so the virus makes it much worse. In a healthy person the ATP from the mitochondria, which is used to power all of your cells, can carry up to 50 molecules of oxygen, in the obese it goes down to 2! Might be better to use hyperbaric oxygen chamber and sterilize it with UV in between patients....
  24. We had Ilox last year and the phone service was like not having a phone at all. Imagine waiting for a call back from your attending physician for your dieing spouse and they can't connect with you.... talk about feeling powerless. I switched back to Telmex and the problem isn't any better. I request my old landline back and they said that they don't do that any more and attached it to my computer. Same as Ilox, phone doesn't ring , doesn't give number called ,etc. Can't call 71 for electrical outage reporting or 911...
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