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  1. There is a restaurant at Galeana 526 in the market area, across from la Fonda Chapala that I must bring to your attention. It has no name and from the outside looks unappealing. I have walked past it hundreds of times while looking for a place to eat. Some friends from CDMX went there and bragged on the place. I decided to try it and WOW! can that lady cook. Her fare is strait Mexican spoon grub. Everything is made from scratch to order. I has made me appreciate the flavors I have missed for so long.
  2. Yes, the same day as they get the part from Guad.
  3. I am going to need the test soon but the country I am going to, Cambodia, requires the test results be in English. Has anyone received test results locally and was it multi language? I want to go to the Philippines but that is not possible at this time.
  4. I once asked a Mexican why the country was full of people that saw no benefit in daylight savings time. His reply put it in prospective. He said, "If you go to work before the sun comes up and do not return until after the sun has set, what does it matter?"
  5. Or maybe governments lead by poor leadership can't because many countries have.
  6. The concern for birds and their welfare may be lost on many people here as evidenced by their sports.
  7. He obviously used the Mexican Post. I sent one just like the OP and after the longest time was told that the address did not exist... The IRS, sure. Never heard another thing about that mailing. Today I received a letter from the IRS and it was postmarked Feb. 1. Want to guess why they mailed me?
  8. Veterans can get vaccinated without wait lists and also their spouses will get it too. The VA even waved the requirement of enrolling.
  9. Excuse my ignorance, I was not aware he had that power. I thought they are all private toll roads operated by private companies.
  10. One of my fondest memories about traveling Mexico is when I travelled on the first class train from CDMX to Oaxaca. I was treated royally by what was equivalent to the Orient Express.
  11. I have had many things I could have eaten tadpoles to cure or have done nothing. Either way, I get cured in the same amount of time.
  12. Call them what you like but with the widest brush available I call them all quacks.
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