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  1. The filtered water sold in garafons has been run through a reverse osmosis and is essentially distilled.
  2. I used to take them all, from Afrin to Claritin until I found salt water. Normal saline is water with a salt content equal to a body's fluids and is used to rinse out the plugged cavities. It also flushes out the allergens irritating the passages. A modern version of the neti pot.
  3. They have a few seats but why not walk to the park if home is too far? It is a fish market.
  4. Boca Mar, Benito Juarez 547 A, behind the mercado, not only offers fresh seafood, they will cook it for you too. I ordered a half kilo of coconut shrimp and now see how it should be made. They were in balls and void of a tail shell. Just the right size to eat with your hand. The order was more than two chowhounds could eat at a sitting. With side salad 155 MXN.
  5. It is the state's money collector and is located: https://www.google.com.mx/maps/place/Recaudadora+Estatal/@20.292676,-103.1943255,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x842f40badabac0f1:0x3e8eeb8bcbdbec60!8m2!3d20.2903633!4d-103.1863912?hl=en The "side window" is the building's only window and is on the right side. There the lady will make the copies you need and audit the forms for what is needed. Small cost and well worth it.
  6. Really poor parsing Andy. The card will get you into the US but the people that issue TIPS have not read your post. I lived in the border zone before here and a TIP will not be granted to a passport card holder. One may be get a tourist card, I don't know, I always got a TIP too.
  7. The side window in Chapala will audit your papers and make copies that are needed. There is an English speaking clerk. Other than that, just show up with your appointment slip and paid receipt. You will be out in 20 minutes with the license.
  8. Not "sweet view" or "cool view"? I was raised in Cuban Spanish.
  9. I discovered them at the Jacaranda restaurant in SMA and would not return without doing it again.
  10. Its use has diminished in the United States and many other parts of the world because, like many phosphate-based cleaners, it is known to cause extensive eutrophication of lakes and rivers once it enters a water system.
  11. Ajijic is not the center of the universe. I have been in Chapala Centro for over four years and we have had no water problems.
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