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  1. Before one gets their Depends in a wad, testing is required for only those less than 60 years old.
  2. Was it actually a bolillo or a birote?
  3. The best guide for camping down here: https://www.amazon.com/Travelers-Guide-Mexican-Camping-Guatemala/dp/0982310102/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1511568081&sr=1-1&keywords=Traveler's+Guide+to+Mexican+Camping A must have AP for your phone is found here: http://ioverlander.com/
  4. Dang, I had no idea any search would be case sensitive. My bad. Oh, it is Rony and I apologize for my stupidity. I will blame my age.
  5. Because the desire by the OP is to contact him, but you need to get it correct.
  6. Here is one on craigslist: https://guadalajara.craigslist.com.mx/apa/d/apartment-with-furniture/6388663608.html?lang=en&cc=us
  7. Dang, it is what is shown on CFE as current and I snipped it. I went back and it was 252 pesos like I remembered, but they fooled me. And as my avatar info says, "Location:Chapala". EDIT: Like a fool I snipped an example. Here is the actual:
  8. I lied, 252 was the second to last bill. It was 213 pesos, $11.21 USD. As far as the cost levels, I do not know as I never have crossed it. Here is that bill and you might be able to.
  9. Yes, I meet your criteria. My last bill for two months was 252 pesos, or $13.26 USD. We have a TV going most of the time and a desktop computer on 24/7. Yes, the electricity is expensive if you exceed the subsidized level. I have no pool, hot tub, or air conditioners, but some do and either get solar or complain about their bill.
  10. Want to grapple? Go here with a MAGA cap and order a beer at the bar.
  11. Dang if that placebo treatment isn't effective. It balances your wallet with theirs. Screw the scientific method, a few herbs and needles is all that is needed. It's a faith based argument against double blind clinical studies.
  12. My neighbors park at Soriana as some have experienced theft from or vandalism to their foreign plated cars near the tiangui.
  13. Parker Insurance issue me a policy. They said they write liability only and issue solely to those with a motorcycle operators license. Without a license it would be hard to find like you stated.
  14. If a golf cart can go 20 MPH (32 KPH) and is street legal with tag and insurance, why should they be relegated to back roads? The speed attainable is about the speed limit in the cities.
  15. I applied this April in Chapala, was granted a three year policy, and paid nothing.
  16. Yes. Go to Chapala. I went this year with my sole surname and papers. The kind lady had me out in 15 minutes.
  17. The CURP printouts do not have the area on it to laminate into a card anymore.
  18. MOD's don't whine. Others carry on a conversation, both free and fast.
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