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  1. Hi Angus, need some help in Buying a car in mexico as a tourist.

    Only your post looks inspiring in fulfilling my plans of buying a car in mexico as a tourist to drive central and south america.

    Can i provide proof of address in Mexico as my Hotel or apartment that I rent for a week?

    Can you suggest an agency through which I can buy an used car and register it in Mexico?

    You may choose to reply to my mail id which is travels66@gmail.com




    1. AngusMactavish


      I just found this in my profile and have no idea where it comes from. I replied to your email address.

  2. Thank you for the llnk to local self storage

    I have visited the site but no prices are listed.

     And wondering if you have used this facility and are aware of

     cost or other details?

    Any link available for the folks at Strom White?

    I believe it was referenced for self storage facilities?




    1. AngusMactavish


      I rent a 5 X 10 and it is about $50 USD a month. Call them in English for their rates. It is exactly like any storage company NOB, but with 24 Hr security.

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