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  1. This image represents my understanding of the procedures that must be followed by visitors and foreign residents entering and leaving Mexico.
  2. The instruction sheet above states, "Passports can only be delivered to a DHL store". So, having the passport sent to iShop&Mail instead -- how does that work?
  3. I understand, but cannot confirm, that renewing a USA passport from within Mexico is much faster than renewing a passport from the USA. This is due to the large backlog of passport requests that are piled up back in the states.
  4. So, mail-in passport renewal procedures from within Mexico have changed again -- no more passport deliveries via FedEx to your home but rather via DHL to a DHL store only. Good to know. It's always important to follow the current instructions from the embassy/consulate website because the steps followed by someone else to renew a few months earlier may no longer be valid.
  5. To use Telcel's Amigo Sin Límite plans you must pay in every month. That may be why you are losing your service. To pay in advance you would have to have a contract plan, not an Amigo Sin Límite plan.
  6. This veterinaria comes to my neighbor's house in Riberas to treat their dog: Dra. Lina Raygoza 33-1047-7864 376 765-3553 mvz.linaraygozanegrete@gmail.com
  7. There are all kinds of local animal welfare and animal rescue organizations operating in the area. Perhaps try contacting one of the them first to find a partner -- it may not be necessary to create another, new organization. Bone Voyage Dog Rescue ClickerPets Mexico Lakeside Friends of the Animals Lucky Dog Operation Amor Pet Foodbank Lakeside SOS Chapala Dog Rescue Stray Dogs of Mexico Tails of Mexico The Ranch
  8. There's a wonderful, local candy store, Dulceria Zara, on the main carretera in Ajijic on the mountain side just west of Calle Colón.
  9. Here's a copy of a recent announcement for those who do not use Facebook.
  10. Srta. Lidia Zamudio Cerda Lake Care Medical Supplies Carretera poiniente #141C Ajijic 376-766-2088 lidiazamudio@yahoo.com.mx
  11. To bring your possessions in yourself, just use the same format that you would have used for your menaje de casa declaration. For household goods write the box number and a description of items in the box. For electronics write the box number, description, make, model and serial number. Both lists must be in Spanish. Attached is an example from an older web site https://rollybrook.com/menaje.htm
  12. . Two Latin American currencies – the Brazilian real and the Mexican peso – have outperformed G10 nations and other emerging markets in 2022 despite the sharp appreciation of the US dollar. . One reason for the relative strength of the real and the Mexican peso is sound central bank policies that aggressively raised domestic interest rates in anticipation of and in response to US interest rate hikes this year. . Higher interest rates in Brazil and Mexico have also created stronger yields for investors compared to declining yields on US Treasury bonds, contributing to the positive performance of the real and the Mexican peso – trends that are expected to continue. Why Are The Brazilian Real And Mexican Peso Outperforming G10 Currencies? By Oxford Business Group Oct 20, 2022 https://bit.ly/3DhyJTH
  13. New FMM procedures are being phased in at certain locations in Mexico. This means some airports are using paperless procedures while other airports are still using paper FMM forms.
  14. I have always received a prompt response by sending an email inquiry to: fbu.guadalajara@ssa.gov It is no longer possible to contact the Federal Benefits Unit in Guadalajara by telephone. They only operate via e-mail communications at this time.
  15. They've been putting a few updates on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/panchosdeli Here is a copy of a message from yesterday.
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