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  1. Sadly, this is the norm: Misdiagnosis. Intentionally being misled for unwarranted surgery. Inexperienced surgeons. Pets: Everything from Veterinary. Ladron misdiagnosed our dog with Kidney Disease), leading to a good two years worth of the dog chowing on Kidney treatment dog food, only to come to the USA and be informed our dog never had Kidney Disease. He had another major issue that was quickly remedied, and then went on to recovery from the poor diet prescribe by that vet. Human family member: Our pockets were deep (we encouraged all test and review with Quality Care at the helm) but they missed diagnosing cancer. Cancer went undiagnosed until later stage, when we happened to be in the USA and did a second review of all. Why did we trust the doctors? For exactly the same reason as others here have stated. We were told the medical care was so wonderful. We foolishly believed this. After the fact we met several (3) other expats who had late stage cancer that the doctors missed diagnosing in Mexico. If we had it to do again, we would have moved to Mexico, but returned to the USA for reviews. Shame that the expats are so, what is the word... blindly raving about the excellent medical care for it truly flavors the choices we made. We lost one dog, and one of us will end up paying the ultimate price for that false belief. Go north of the border for your medical care. We'd be on top of the world right now had someone had advised us to do so.
  2. See that was the info, or lack there of that I was dealing with.... We followed the administrator there, better than floundering. Thanks to everyone who offered their help.
  3. I looked this up on map and it is a regular house. Is there something I should know regarding this Notary Address/is anyone familiar with it?
  4. Someone responded to this thread, thus I think I have rehomed the CPAP machine!
  5. Correct, who here is desperate for a CPAP machine that does not otherwise have the means to get one. No insurance etc. Perfect working condition. Honor system. I am assuming this is for you, not to make money off of!!!!! Husband was upgraded to another united compliments of his insurance!
  6. We will head out very early in the morning from Lake Chapala... That is the only way we can be assured of arriving at the border before dark. Leaving on the 27th!
  7. Update... no longer need loaner cone... I see on Amazon the truck is moving 5 stops away. Amazon is worth every peso/dollar! It has been stalled at 5 stops away, only in Mexico would the delivery guy be stopped that long... hmmm rest? Sleeping? ja ja ja
  8. Anyone who does not have medical insurance, and is badly in need of a CPAP machine, please message me!
  9. Yeah the rain plus other factors like yeast (for my dog) are the perfect paw storm. I plan to do a Yeast Protocol and other diet changes after our move.
  10. Ferret, that is a great idea, but I just gave away (donated) my machine.
  11. He has a wider neck than me and my travel pillow is kinda tight, but will test it out. That is a good idea. 65 pound Portuguese Water Dog. They are very sneaky, and wait till you are not looking.
  12. I do not want him licking back paws while they heal, have spray solution on them. He was on an antibiotic, and then the rains came... triggering a yeast issue with paws. I am about to head NOB, and then I will switch him over to starch free raw feeding, and do a "Yeasty Beast Protocol" (from Adored Beast Apothecary online). The vet here gave a spray to use, and hopefully that will help him, if he can just leave the paws alone. He is sneaky... waits till we are not looking or are sleeping!
  13. I think I will roll up bubble wrap plastic instead. it feels lighter?
  14. Thanks for the idea, MtnMama!!! I will try that until the amazon one arrives. Still open to a loaner lol... Whatcha doin' wit that towel mom?
  15. One of my dogs goes into a severe slump mentally when he has to wear the regular cone. We actually have to take it off and keep watch on him instead. Even though we take it off for eating, his state of mind is so blah, that he will walk away from the food. It's weird. The down mood goes on for hours even if I don't put it back on. Must feel like some sort of punishment. he sits there with his head up high and won't even lay down when it is on. If anyone had a loaner inflatable for a few days, that would be appreciated. I would sure love a break from watching and reprimanding. him during our waking hours. I have a new one due to arrive by this Sunday. Even a few days of having this as a loaner would be amazing in the meantime.
  16. Has anyone seen this type of cone in Vet/pet stores lakeside? My pooch requires it in the large size with a range of 16-18 inches.
  17. Yes that was done. Good idea to cover both places. I already posted there and several other FB groups for him.
  18. Oscar Guzman lost his dog which was last seen near Last seen near el Rincón Español (restaurant) and La Christina. Name is Dingo, male with black collar https://www.google.com/maps/place/Rincón+Español/@20.2931977,-103.302073,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x76b88f250352b356!8m2!3d20.2923526!4d-103.3043583
  19. Thanks for all the help here and we will be doing a drive on the 27th (Oct) to the border. All helps and tips were appreciated. We do this drive as a straight through, with gas stops/one day drive. I am surprised that others were interested in going (Drive/lead/follow) but solo is fine too.
  20. I found what may be dated info on Emission Testing in Chapala. Does anyone know the status of Emission testing sites in or near the Lake Chapala area? Or must one travel to Guadalajara?
  21. We've done this route before, but would appreciate directions beyond that of what we have used in the past which was Google or Waze. I am going to get a paper map this time, and map out that route - Appreciate help with that if anyone is experienced. (We are in Ajijic) 1) Care to share your specs to this Laredo Bridge, so we have extra info? 2) Experienced driver headed that way, we'd be interested in hearing from you. We would welcome following someone. Our trip out is super early (before dawn), morning of Oct 27th. We like to arrive in Laredo while it is still a reasonable hour in evening (we have an airbnb reservation there)! We do a straight drive through, stopping only for gas and short dog walk breaks. Thanks a bunch!
  22. Any links/website which allow an owner to list an Ajijic property for sale, would be appreciated. I hit a couple of FB groups, but am sure that I am missing some groups/links. Thank you!
  23. The public is misinformed. Point of my post was: We were not green. We were assigned a green category, but it was not based on accurate numbers. What has become red, would have been red if the numbers were accurate! I was of course being sarcastic. If anyone believes in the official rate of infection as stated in Mexico, they are sadly mistaken. In fact: While health authorities are saying that Covid-19 is currently infecting some 20,000 people a day, the actual number is 25 or 30 times higher, according to an infectious disease specialist. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/daily-covid-infections-far-higher-than-official-counts-says-specialist/
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