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    No need for a large RV (for us-ours is quite modest in size)... We plan to do scouted out trips that RV friends have done with ease (Mexico) and enjoy US travel as well.  Those friends have successfully explored Mexico, for the past couple of years and will now continue to US and CA.   It helps to have that wealth of knowledge. We gather that navigation in parts can be quite challenging without.     

    As for the caravan, our definition of that would be others in RVs to do that travel with.... nothing major like the caravan business in the link above.  

    Nice way to meet friends, become more experienced in these parts etc.

  2. On November 24, 2017 at 11:47 AM, AlongTheWay said:


    But Caravans starting from here, I haven't heard of.

    Good links for those interested in the area However, we are interested in traveling (call it what you may) with others whom are in Mexico.   There are others here, as a recent PM has informed.  As for up north, we are familiar with the terrain there and will most likely be traveling on our own, unless of course we became friends with others who enjoy that.

  3. On November 19, 2017 at 8:19 AM, Mainecoons said:

    We have a few who come here and a really beautiful RV park south of Jocotepec, named "Roca Azul" but this is not a big RV destination.  Most RVers at this time of year head for the beach and the RV parks there.

    Between the high costs of fuel and tolls, plus the lack of security, Mexico is not big RV country.  Too bad, we were RVers up north and hoped to get one and do some here.  For the most part, people stay at hotels in town in Mexico.  Makes some sense since so many of the towns are really great places to visit.  Mexico has its share of natural beauty but the real places for that kind of RVing is the U.S. and Canada.  Beaches excepted, Mexico has the best beaches of practically anywhere on the planet and in great quantity.

    There are groups that specialize in RVing in Mexico and people who set up caravans.  Google RV in Mexico and follow some of the links.


    Thanks for your response Maincoons.  All information and perspectives are appreciated.

    We will be doing both Mexico and US travel.


     Protocol change, due to the widespread locations of poisonings. It is safe to assume that Lake Chapala is a poisoning zone, with at least one killer if not more.   Do not report on this message board. Instead report to the Lina Doyle (information below), and contact the authorities listed below (contact information is in red below). Message board updates will continue on a regular basis, by those in touch with the authorities.  The public will be kept informed if any arrests take place.  Surveillance of the area is growing, and we are on our way as a community to ensure that our streets are safer from those who poison. Prosecution of those arrested, will involve a lawyer and consequences.  There will not be an easy out for offenders.




    Please do not speculate on the message board. Do not spread rumors that the dogs were noisy and it was likely an unhappy neighbor.  

    Poisoned dogs have included leashed, unleashed, in home/in yard.


    Those who have been charged of poisoning in the past, include expat and Mexican alike. 




    Calling the police is not enough.



    IF YOUR DOG HAS BEEN POISONED, DO NOT BURY/CREMATE THE DOG.  You must request that the poison be identified and remains frozen, until the police have finished their investigation. Dr. Ladron's animal clinic has the room for such storage.


    Instructions as per meeting with government officials on dog poisoning.


    There was an impressive array of officials including the President's office, Fire and Police, Ecologico, Ministerio Publico, and the Ajijic Delgado, Chuni.

    There was much discussion about the difficulty of communication between the expat community and the Chapala government. People reported how they had left messages for the police and the officer in charge of Ajijic never got the message. After much discussion, it was decided that Chuni be the initial contact person to report any dog poisoning. His cell number is 33 1064 0814 (PLEASE PUT THIS NUMBER IN YOUR PHONE ), the Delegacion office is 766-1760 , email delegacionajijic@hotmail.com.


    Chuni speaks some English and, in the event that he needs help, he will call Gloria Perales, liaison to the expat community, who was also at today's meeting. This designation was made so that there is a point person for us. Chuni will then report to the police and Ecologica but the buck stops with him.


    To date we do not have empirical evidence of the kind of poison used. This is a major drawback and so, while we hope there are no more poisonings, we must report to Chuni should another occur. If the dog is dead, stay with the corpse and Chuni will have the police meet you. The area will be cordoned off and forensics from Guadalajara will claim the body. If your dog is alive, of course, rush to your vet but also call Chuni and give him the details.


    At our request, the government has agreed to poll the stores that sell the poison and try to get information pointing to suspicious purchasers. The store operators will be told of the reward and be able to claim it if their information leads to the identification and capture.

    Lina Doylewho speaks fluent Spanish, has been heading this initiative and has agreed to be the point person for communication should that be needed. Her email is linadoyo@yahoo.com phone numbers: 33 1350 4122 and 108-0525


    Finally, ANYONE WHOSE DOG HAS BEEN POISONED, should report the details to Lina by email. Please include the date, location, description of dog and your name and contact information. There are some claiming that this is merely hysteria and no need to pay attention. WE NEED FACTS.

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