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  1. Just a short survey Do you continue to pay for Medicare Part B ? Are you comfortable with the Mexican medical services so much so that you don't plan on returning to the U S. Have anyone cancelled their Medicare then had to pay the added premium to resign ?
  2. It took about 6 replies to give him his answer when one was all he was asking for Sheesh
  3. https://www.sbimailservice.com/ Travelers Special This affordable package is the perfect mail forwarding solution for domestic and International Travelers, RVers, Nurses, Doctors, Business Executives and Expatriates. Learn more $11.99/month ST. BRENDAN’S ISLE
  4. Do you still carry the cost of Part B or opted out of it. Seems expensive to carry it if you never return to the states. But then again the penalty to opt in after carries a hefty penalty. Decisions decisions
  5. Gee In Georgia we are required to renew our licenses on our birthdays and we survive How hard to is it to renew online or if you are already a member then you must be visiting
  6. Can any one compare living in san miguel vs Lake chapala area?
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