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  1. Whoever you talked to at your banks is right. You cannot have more than one name in the account. This is what shows up on bank statements and what you use to do wire transfers. You can however add a second person to give him the power of attorney to make transactions for you. Their name only shows up in a bank contract but not in any statements. They can also go in the branch and whithdraw cash and complete wires without the primary account holder being there . The easiest solution would be to open an account with your name on it. Source: have three bank accounts in Mexico. All operate the same.
  2. Do these buliders/architects give you facturas or say they will charge an extra 16% if you need it. Without facturas you are running into problems when you sell.
  3. No I'm quite happy here but I was trying to help by sharing my honest experience regarding rentals. I have rented in many parts of Mexico where they don't cater to gringos not just Ajijic. And I did not just make up all those events. When I was new to the area I would have appreciated people be honest with me and not just "welcome to paradise where everything is so cheap and you sip margaritas all day long and expect things like in good ol murica" Mexico requires us to adjust and understand the local culture. And the local culture of rentals is different. If you prefer less adjustment than the best way is to rent from a gringo, although like another poster said it doesn't always guarantee things either.
  4. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I don't want to profile all Mexican landlords under this but expectations are different in Mexico when you rent. 1. You are most likely renting unfurnished. You are new to the area. Don't know jack shiit where to go buy furniture and 99.9% of the stuff they sell here is overpriced crapp. Instead of coming down to Mexico to relax or enjoy your retirement you are now running back and fourth trying to make this place livable. Oh and the furniture was supposed to arrive 10 days ago but it's still not there and they promise you it will be there tomorrow. (This happened to me and it got very frustrating!) Also you may discover there is no hot water and lots of leaks in the house. Mexicans are a lot more slack about repairing leaks or even building their homes leak proof to begin with. So you have to hire your own contractors to come in for repairs because the landlord doesn't seem to want to fix it. (It happened to me in a 2 year old house rented by a Mexican landlord and I know many others that had landlords not fix anything). Also a lot of contractors will lie about arranging a time to come fix things and never bother showing up. (It happened to me too multiple times) Most Mexican renters know that it's their responsibility to make the place livable. Our cultural norms regarding rentals are different. Also a lot of the times places get trashed (not in gringoland so much but in other parts rented by Mexicans) and the landlord will show the house trashed to prospective new tenants. (Try looking for a rental in Guadalajara and you will see what I mean by that). Also a friend of mine agreed to rent a furnished place from a Mexican landlord and the day she moved in the guy had taken everything and left some old used furniture behind. She lost her deposit and her precious time. When you rent from a gringo they usually operate rentals the same way they would in the US/Canada. They come furnished most of the time so you don't have to run around sleeping on the floor the first month. Also they speak your language. So if Spanish is not your greatest skill you don't have to suffer with the language barrier. Also sometimes even if you know what a Mexican landlord says they may not mean what they say. Look up the definition of "magnana" or "ahorita" .You get a lot of that here. Again not all gringo landlords are great and not all Mexican landlords are crap but like I said the culture of renting is different so keep that in mind. Also do a simple google search on rentals in Ajijic/chapala and you will see what's available. There are rentals in all price ranges starting at $400 a month. My advice is to not book anything unless you see the place first.
  5. Went there once it was packed. Food was good and service also pretty good. Tried it again a few months later when we were the only table. The waiter must have thought we were invisible, even when we would ask something he just didn't care and would dissapear talking to this kid (maybe his daughter). Food was also equally bad. Won't be back
  6. I saw this cloud the other day. Do you think there's UFOs in there? ?
  7. I saw this UFO once, it looked so mythical like it was made to create excitement and adrenaline among the humans. It didn't come from the lake however, it was made in china ? Also where can I get some of those shrooms you guys have?
  8. Two of my dogs used to get in fights. One was a pit bull. The water gun saved us from many vet bills and wounds on both dogs. After a few fights the dogs finally made peace. Now they get very obedient every time they see the water gun. FYI: pitbulls may have a high pain tolerance but they hate water.
  9. Water gun works too. If you spray water in the dogs face they will get shocked and let go the biting/victim dog.
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