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  1. About a year ago I complained about the 1 person motorized gliders flying over my house. I mentioned the Air Rights Building in Bethesda Maryland was named after the law firm which is now housed there. They won a case for a client that refused to sell his place to a developer who had bought the 2 adjacent properties & wanted his too so he could build a large development. When he refused to sell and the developer built a bridge connecting his two properties. The courts ruled against the developer stating that the client has the Air Rights over his house.. Got some interesting comments such as “this is Mexico” and “ Go back to the USA” One person mentioned that there was a 500 foot restriction on flights here. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but if so these choppers might be in violation. That and the noise ordinances might make for some interesting court battles.
  2. Yahoo weather says a week from today - June 2
  3. Join the Chapala Karaoke Club on Facebook Great mental and physical therapy. Plus it’s FUN
  4. Locals say Scorpion Island is sinking too.... Snow on the lake tomorrow. Maybe ice fishing
  5. Sorry computer guy-you are wrong my sky gets Fox News, cnn international, CNBC and much more
  6. Sky TV Platinum 579 pesos / mo ($29 US ) 700 pesos to install
  7. Centro Chapala here. Ran out last year. Stocked up this time. Prefer treats over tricks...
  8. Soreanos office closed Telmex office closed Web site is worthless-anyone have local phone or local office for repair & service?
  9. Corona beer invested millions of US dollars in canabis ioil last month & Coke announced the same today.Wait a month or two. Liquor $ Tobacco firms and big pharma also interested. Watch. Weed wars are here
  10. Agree on Dominicans. Mexico has some great cigars too.TeAmo has a Dominican Mexican blend . Quite a smoke



  11. Paz is grea but I am in a wheelchair & don’t get there easily. Also heard there was a place in Chapala - where I live - but no other info. Can anyone help?
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