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  1. I too expected I had a leak in my aljibe. At night when all of the dish washing was done I would take a tape measure and measure the distance from the lip of the aljibe to the water level. In the morning before any water use I would take the measurement again. It only took three days for me to realize I had a leak. A new aljibe was soon installed. No more water problem.
  2. Anyone have any info on thr current airport traffic conditions? Traffic late yesterday was backed up all the way from the terminal to the highway. Any info would be appreaciated. Thanks
  3. Question, with the revised FMM regulations, what needs to be done when crossing into the US from Mexico? In the past we had to stop at the immigration station at milepost 21K. We are planning to travel to Phoenix later this month by car. Anyone have a new experience to share?
  4. In Chapala Haciendas pretty strong, lasted for almost 2 minutes. Waves in the pool were going from one end to the other going over the sides.
  5. I am thinking about doing a bathroom remodel and would appreciate any recommendations for contractors. Thanks
  6. I to have been a Lake Taco fan. Going there every other week or so. Our go to meal is one fish taco Mahi Mahi deep fried and one shrimp taco. We noticed about two months ago a change in staff at the restaurant. Service was not the same and I thought there was a difference in the meals. Not sure about the turnover, but I will keep going back, maybe not as often.
  7. You might call Gustavo, he built my pool and has many recommendations his # 333 157 3048
  8. In answer to gringohombre, there are paid subscriptions. One is called CK Hosting and it is 12.50 U.S. a month. The other is IPTV Tune, it is 15.00 U.S. a month. I thought I would get rid of one after a while, but that has been several months and haven't made up my mind witch one to get rid of.
  9. I have two IPTV services that I subscribe to. Both offer live tv, movies and other programing from all over. I am on Telmex and have a download of 13 mbps. I do get an occasional buffering but nothing to be annoying. Can watch all day with little or no problem. Also have Shaw witch I will keep for awhile.
  10. I believe Cadillac Furniture in Ajijic can get that done for you. The owner there is Omar. Right across from the new Intercam bank. https://www.facebook.com/cadillacfurniture/
  11. I had a local contractor build me a small pool/spa. I call it a spool. Has jets on one end and with the solar panels it almost gets too hot to get into. I cover it at night to keep in the heat. Like to keep it at 94 deg. Very happy with the spool. Contractor's name is Gustavo 333 157 3048
  12. Walmart located by the olives and pickles.
  13. I just used Servicio Tecnico in Chapala. The fellow there name is Edgar. He speaks some English. Dose good work and is fair in his pricing. Would use him again.
  14. Mercado Libre has many used cars for sale, both private and dealer.
  15. Bellon for home, auto and heath, no problem.
  16. Any recommendations on who to have pump your septic tank. Been a few years since it was done. Thanks
  17. I purchased this unit last year from Amazon. You download the app from the play store and you can just look at it any time on your cell phone. After a little calibrating it is spot on. No wires. Here is the link. I had Alex P. bring it down. I also see that they will ship to MX. https://www.amazon.com/AP-Products-024-2001-Check-Sensor/dp/B077JJP27F/ref=sr_1_6?crid=PKNSSD6CWL05&keywords=remote+propane+tank+monitor&qid=1577140190&sprefix=remote+propan%2Caps%2C206&sr=8-6
  18. We have grown rhubarb here from seeds. The plant flourished for two years before it got root rot. I have two now growing in large pots that I can move at any time if they get too hot. I will try to find the seed package and get that info posted.
  19. Full brisket available at Costco, Lopez Mateos yesterday. Have one in the freezer.
  20. My wife and I are trying to figure what if any pay we should give our maid during the lockdown. She works for us once a week for about five hours. Someone suggested 40% of her salary. Any feedback will help.
  21. Just checked speed in Chapala Haciendas and I show a steady 10 download. Same as before. Last week there was some issues going on but looks like that has gone away.
  22. Make your own. All of the ingredients are available here. Lots of recipes on line. That's what I did when I wanted to make pickles. https://www.blessthismessplease.com/homemade-pickling-spice-recipe/
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