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  1. Hola Sandrita, There is a fabulous group of retired hospice administrators, hospice nurses, and gerontologists from North America at the lake. They would like to create a hospice and are currently working on a business plan. It may take up to a year to establish. In the interim, the only 24/7 palliative care and hospice in Jalisco is in Guadalajara, provided by the non-profit www.JuntosContraElDolor.com, United Against Pain. It is a model of care that includes comfort, pain relief and integrative support - physical, psychological, spiritual (non-denominational), and practical - for the patient and family members. The founder, a palliative care physician, Dra Susana Lua Nava, drives with her team of volunteers to various parts of Jalisco, including the lake, to provide services. Dra Lua was a speaker at Open Circle on the Lake Chapala Society grounds on May 8. Open Circle is selling DVD's of the presentation should you be interested. Note: Hospice Cristina, established in Guadalajara in 2002 by a dedicated hospice nurse, went out of business in 2015. You are welcome to write me at wellnessshepherd@aol.com if I may be of more assistance. If you do write, please put "hospice" in the header. Blessings and thank you for your inquiry, Wendy Jane Carrel
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