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  1. A friend of mine wants to donate her car, it has Canadian plates. I know it is not legal to sell a car with foreign plates but can you give it away to a charity? If anyone has any experience along these lines I’d appreciate hearing from them. Thanks.
  2. hi just sent you the phone number of our gardener under messages, go to the top right corner of this page and click on the envelope that says messages, it should be there...
  3. My wife is recommending Lulu, she works inside the Hotel Haciendas in Ajijic, and her phone number is: 331-841-3928 Very good and perfect English
  4. A friend of mine is planning to come to Mexico soon, he is not sure how long he will be here as he will be getting some medical work done, - he also wants to look into getting a temporary resident visa. So he would like to enter on one way ticket but he was told that Mexico requires a return ticket for those on tourist visas. Is that true?
  5. hi and Rich has had a lot of experience and knows quite a bit, I think he can help you with that...
  6. You can contact Rich, he programs and sells Firesticks.. His number is 332 051 2398
  7. There is a fellow named Rich who has been doing Firesticks for several months now. He has reprogrammed several of Derek's old fire sticks. He is quite good at it and installs a number of apps. He did ours and we are very happy with it. -- We get all the news channels, lots of movies, TV shows, etc. In fact we are thinking of cancelling Netflix as we get so much on the Firestick for free. His phone number is 332 051 2398.
  8. I've had their service for several months now and the speeds are usually between 12 - 14 mgs and it is quite stable. The upload is around 1 mg. If you do automatic pay with you bank card they give you up to 15 mgs, but it hardly ever hits 15 but it is pretty close.. A phone also comes with the package, and I believe the company is now called 'Wizz'.
  9. There is a new facility opening up in September in Riberas. It is small and health conscious -- only enough rooms for 6 people -- but with a nice garden and plenty of space. They are offering food and partial or semi assistance (but it's not a fully assisted living facility). It will be managed by two ladies with experience -- one is Mexican and the other is from the Philippines who has a degree in nursing. They are both very good at housekeeping and good cooks as well. For more information send an email to: FrriendlyLivingLakeside@gmail.com
  10. this was posted on Facebook a few hours ago, so apparently the news article wasn't accurate and the truck driver didn't take off: Sadly 2 motorcycles hit a truck. 1 fatality. Prayers for the family and friends. *UPDATE* - driver of Truck in jail for 20 - 36 hours,. until the Ministerio Publico Investigation is over. It was not his fault, this was seen by many witnesses. But he still has to sit in jail. Think of his family as well in this.
  11. here's an article about it in the local newspaper in Spanish: http://semanariolaguna.com/51269/
  12. I have a Firestick and I was having problems with it freezing up. I have internet speed of 10 mgs and I thought that was the problem -- my internet was too slow. So I contacted a fellow named Rich and he came by and cleaned up my Firestick and made some changes and now it works great! Rich programs Firesticks and sells them for a very reasonable price like Derek used to do but with no monthly fees.. You can contact him via Facebook messenger as Rich Richie or send me a PM.
  13. Also the Hotel Perico on the Libramiento has one bedroom units with kitchens for very affordable monthly prices,,
  14. Great News! Molly is found and is just fine! I asked two of our hotel workers to go out this morning to look for her and they went all around the Lourdes area of Chapala, and on a small back street they came across a fraccionmento and in talking with the gardeners they found Molly! Apparently Molly had been staying there since Friday. Thank you for your concern, it's a miracle we found her! And the owners of course are super happy!
  15. Molly was spotted yesterday afternoon around 6pm in front of the Farmacia Guadalajara that is right next to Monte Carlo hotel in Chapala. They took a photo and it was definitely Molly, and she still had her collar on and her rabies certificate which is red and in the shape of a bone. Right now we have a couple of search parties out looking for her, if you see her please call the number on her collar, or you can also call 333 142 0012. Thanks!
  16. Looks like a small Lassie but more of a brown color. Has a collar and also a rabies certificate in the shape of a red bone. The name tag says 'Molly' and on the back is either the name of the owner, Peggy Mok, or the name Schnitzel along with an email address and phone number. and here's an additional phone number 331 283 9800 - The owners are quite distressed, thank you for your help. Molly and her owners lived in San Juan Cosala for a few years and just checked into the hotel today. - it is possible that Molly went back to her former residence in San Juan.
  17. Hello, I don’t usually post much on this forum but I have had some problems with phone fraud lately with Bancomer which I wanted to write about in case it happens to you. I have been in this area for about 12 years now and I have both debit and credit cards with Bancomer. About 9 months ago I got a call and they said they were calling from Bancomer and they were asking about a charge to my debit card, they asked if I had requested life insurance and they said there was a ‘pending’ charge of 4000 pesos. They asked if I had requested that and I told them no, and they said they could cancel that charge but they would have to do it right away and they just needed to know the 16 digits of my debit card. I told the lady that it is my policy not to give out that information over the phone and she got mad at me! She started yelling at me and saying I was crazy and that only she could stop that payment, otherwise I would be charged 4000 pesos. I noticed it was Friday afternoon after 4pm, so it was too late to go to the bank and talk to them about it. But since she got mad at me I figured she wasn’t professional and it was most likely a fraud. And as it turns out there was no such charge to my debit card, they were just trying to get me to give them the 16 digits of my debit card. And since then it has happened three more times, once about 3 months ago they said that I had a charge with Aeromexico for 1200 pesos, I told them that wasn’t me and they told me to hold the line as they were transferring me to another department. But again, it was the same thing, they wanted the 16 digits of my debit card wihich I refused to give them. And it has happened two more times in the last two days. One was a text I got from ‘Uber’ saying there was a charge for 1040 pesos and to call this number for ‘aclarations’. Same thing, I called and they wanted to know my 16 digits. The interesting thing is that they already knew the first 10 digits of my debit card, but I went to Bancomer and they said that all first 10 digits of their debit cadrs are the same, but it is the last 6 digits that change. And then again last night, they said I had another charge to my debit card and this time I played around with them and when she asked me for the full 16 digits I let her have it. 😊 And this morning I checked my account on line and there was no such charge. I am not sure if it is just Bancomer or other banks as well, but the bottom line is 'never give out the 16 digits of your bank card over the phone!' PS and another thing is not to speak Spanish with them. Since I have been here so long I speak Spanish but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have this problem!
  18. It’s not the Pacific coast but I know of a brand new 2 bedroom apartment in a quaint town called Puerto Morelos, about 30 minutes south of Cancun. The rent is $600 a month. For more details send me a PM.
  19. A couple of years ago there was a place in Riberas that offered this, - it was basically exercising on a stationary bike while breathing in oxygen. Does anyone know the people that started this and are they still around? Or has anyone had experience using this method? Thanks
  20. hi,  - I believe i know you, I think I bought a drill from you not too long ago?

    my name is Tom Leonard and am interested in your sentra, my number is 333 142 0012

    I hope you are well, 


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