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  1. How will this be paid for? I was told Amlo was closing down the tourism board and all those monies for cities and states to attract tourism will be funneled to the Mayan train. If that is true it would be akin to shooting oneself in the face since Mexioc is highly dependent on tourist dollars and many communities need the tourism dollars now provided by the gvt to attract tourists.
  2. We also went there when it first opened and the food was quite good but minimal in quantity. They were still revising their menu. The space is beautiful but it felt like we were eating in too big a space . My wife called it 1/2 a basketball court. The owner and waiter were very cordial and they knew their stuff. My concern is that it may not survive unless they add more items more conducive to what expats want. . Apparently they and the other businesses that are in that massive space from what I can gather are partners in it. We may try it again.
  3. Probably the most evil drug known to man. for many harder to get off of klonopin or xanax than heroin. Google benzo withdrawal syndrome. .You can read some of the horror stories about getting off benzos here....http://benzobuddies.org/
  4. We found stryker top be the top knotch on the carretera. Across from cadillac furniture.
  5. It may not be full service but the 2nd day we arrived here we went there to eat and just happened to step in dog excrement which was under our table. Haven't been back to that food court .
  6. I didn't know it was easy to declare your dog a service dog. My friend had one and the cost was about 20,000 USD form a very reputable organization. Do airlines let a service dog on if there is no proof that it is a trained service dog?
  7. happened to me in the past and I did change the old gas cap and the check engine light went away. https://blog.esurance.com/top-4-reasons-not-to-panic-when-your-check-engine-light-comes-on-2/
  8. Will they pick up and return your car or can I drive it to them and get them to drive me back home and the same later with me driving them back?
  9. What perplexed me was they brought 2 cops on stage and asked the audience if any of the 2 tried to get mordida from anyone in the audience and if so they would be immediately fired. No one raised their hands. Seemed like a bit of theatre there. Especially when one of the cops had a beard . When was the last time you saw a cop with a beard? Too much talk of Gordo. Why didn't they bring him on stage? It felt for a while like the Gordo show. Why didn't they say that he will be fired? His name was mentioned at least 15 times. What power this guy has. Can someone explain this. Heads of Municipal and transito cops were there. Why wasn't the question raised as to why Gordo will not be fired? They had enough proof in front of them with pictures etc of him with almost every member of the audience in agreement about this character. Why didn't anyone come right out and say why aren't they firing Gordo or send him to Mezcala to be a beat cop. As far as golf carts I wish someone would have brought up ATVs and families riding on one scooter. I found it interesting that The new chief was not there and only had one statement for those in attendance that it is illegal to offer a cop mordida. Very embracing message if you ask me. That to me was all I needed to hear. Same as it ever was. How long will that english speaking phone cop be manning that phone and will it be 24 hours. And then they asked someone in the audience to call the number and see if someone will pick up. Tell me that wasn't planned. I am glad they had a meeting but that all what it was. A Pr campaign. Time will tell. For me evidence of what said beats disbelief. The malecon patrol I hear is already gone.
  10. The Bank of Mexico has concerns over direction of new government. Central bank hikes interest rate to 8% over inflation concerns New federal policies could represent 'significant risks,' says Bank of México https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/central-bank-hikes-interest-rate-to-8/
  11. We have purchased red and mixed quinoa and black quinoa on the way back from Costco at Fresko supermarket a few miles away. You will see it on the way back to the macrolibramiento on the right hand side.
  12. What types of massage do you do? Are you trained in rolfing or shiatsu, reflexology, etc.?
  13. Is the consular visa on the passport on one of the pages or a separate document?
  14. Thank you kindly for all your responses... I may have found a place in Chapala called Surtiwash. They say they do a complete detail including using 3M clay and Maguire products and will pick the car up and return it... I am going to go by there and check them out They are on the eastern side of Chapla not far from the old railroad station. Avenida Pepe Guizar #104 Chapala...+52 33 1068 4016
  15. Looking for a professional detailer to wash, clay , polish/wax/seal my car.
  16. Does he repair old watches. I have a few vintage watches from the forties that no longer work. If he doesnt does anyone here know of anyone
  17. I use express VPN streaming on my Laptop which I connect to my smart TV which is basically my screen. I don't watch TV. If you choose a specific site for your VPN service from them the address is basically static. I use New Jersey 2 for Netflix but it wont work for Amazon and then I pick another site for Amazon. PM me if you have any questions.
  18. Was there anything special you had to do when you installed the new modem. Was it just plug and play? I need to get another one also and rather go the new route then play the telmex game of hide and seek.
  19. With the extraordinary interest rates they charge every day should be bankers day.
  20. https://www.notisistema.com/noticias/capturan-a-lider-de-banda-de-secuestradores-tras-balacera-en-ajijic/
  21. Thank you for the response. Yes, my policy covers legal and bond...Would the police at the scene wait for an adjuster to show up in an hour or longer?
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