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  1. Did I say I had an angiogram? I had far better and saw clear as day the occlusion. I had a High field Cadiac MRI . Thank for your snarky remarks. My procedure is being done next week.
  2. Its not a bit fishy and I would rather not mention this persons name for that DR is extremely well known and the report I got with the films said that I need to have this taken care of. I even saw the films and pointed out where it was needed. The films were taken in GDL. Thank you for your concern
  3. I have also been given Dr. Najar as a recommendation from some people in my complex. All say he is really good. Anyone here knows of Dr. Nahar? His practice is at San Francisco Asis hospital.
  4. Talked to my Ajijic based Doctor about stent and Dr Virgen was recommended. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Does he only work out of Los Angeles Del Carmen. I read reviews on it and most are not that wonderful.
  5. There is one coming to tapalpa centro but you wont know it until you pass it by. Conforms to the strict regulations with a very small sign. Coppels is there and you wouldn't know it.
  6. Tempeh is not soft protein. Tofu is. You can buy it at Ponchos or Superlake. They get it from Costco.
  7. “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain
  8. perhaps fixed costs are rising , as in rent. talked to a few well known restaurant owners who are treading water because of how high the rents have gone up for them. Also many variable costs I would assume have risen. The food is probably the cheapest part of the bill..
  9. I have the berkey system. Bought it from Amazon USA with filters, I also bought the additional chlorine filters to get out arsenic etc from water. Wouldnt use anything else. Nothing here comes close.
  10. Does anyone know of a store that sells those black and red licorice twisty candy? A very ill friend would like them and I really want to get them for him.
  11. I have a 4g flip phone GSM here with telcel Mexico. I need a USA number also . I can get a telcel america USA number sim card mailed to me. Will I have any issues using it in the telcel mexico gsm phone I have now.
  12. What if the seller is out of the country already?
  13. I bought a new car a few months back and want to sell it. Does the new buyer have to pay sales tax, also?
  14. Just called Ana at telcel in ajijic and she confirmed its 001.. Thank you everyone.
  15. Apprently “+1” means that the phone number belongs to NANP. In other words, the phone number is somewhere in North America. Technically, the + is a short abbreviation that says “dial the International Direct Dialing (IDD) code for your region.” and its a shorter version of 001 if that makes any sense. Called the 800 number for telcel and they said 001 and the live chat on the website person said +1. will try both.
  16. I got telcel on chat and they said +1. I am so confused.
  17. Thank you. a few people have said for telcel its +1 plus area code and the number. cant try both yet becuase the person wont be in the states for a day or so. Have you heard about that?
  18. I have telcel cell here in Mexico, and want to text a cellphone in the United States. Cell phone in the states is from a USA based carrier. Having difficulties. Can someone please tell me how to with all these codes. Thank you
  19. Whatever the politics are I am talking about the economics. I choose to stay away from politics. This will hurt both countries. I am just trying to figure out what will happen to Mexico from an ECONOMIC point of view. I would like to think people on this board are civil enough not to turn this into a political discussion/ rant. From the chart I presented looks like the peso will go up . Thats not good for the Mexican people
  20. Why is it political?. Its economic. I am not coming from that perspective. That how I look at it. No matter what the politics are there will be issues in Mexico. As in will the peso be devalued.. The following graph shows what happened YTD in 2019...... https://www.x-rates.com/average/?from=USD&to=MXN&amount=1&year=2019
  21. Any thoughts on what will it do to the Mexican economy? Also the peso.
  22. Just called capitol one 360 customer service with regard to access over the the net. They said they were transitioning everyone over to verification only though SMS on cell phone and no longer email. They said its a process that they haven't done yet for everyone. I asked if there can be an override for my special issue and she said that they are having quite a few complaints over this new change and there is nothing that can be done except perhaps help you whith a certain situation that you may need. I called 888 644 8314 . They will ask for ss# and the last 4 digits of one of your accounts. In order to get through to a human voice say representative or else you get into a loop and they transfer to another dept and it got dropped 5 times in a row
  23. Thats amazing. I cant. they are also instituting swift ID....https://www.capitalone.com/applications/identity-protection/swiftid/
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