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  1. 5 hours ago, MtnMama said:

    THANK YOU. Yo answered my question - was the Laredo office forwarding mail. I asked because Sol y Luna doesn't seem to be - haven't had mail in 2 months.

    Same here . I talked to them a few weeks ago and they said they are getting far less boxes of letters and parcels through than before the virus.

  2. On 5/14/2020 at 4:29 PM, lakeside7 said:

    I have noticed that for the past couple of weeks the posted Intercam ex rate for the $US has been less than stellar.

    The "normal"  spread between the "Bank" spot rate and what Intercam offers is about 1 to 11/2

    Now I noticed today's "spot rate " of 23.8 ........and Intercam is showing a ex rate of 21. When I questioned the wider spread I was told that the bank has too many dollars..but for a transfer rate they can give you a more attractive ex rate

    I recall a few years back I had the same experience at Actinver....they were swimming in hard currency and would give you a better rate for a check

    Was there yesterday and there was a 3 peso spread (dollar/peso) I walked into a rep's office and said this is ridiculous and he also said they had too many dollars but if  I was depositing a check it would be a 1 peso spread . I got the confirmation today and It was about .77

  3. the next budget should be a doozy since this country is broke and while he still wants to build the train to nowhere the cuts in the budget will be IMO brutal especially in the healthcare system and whatever social services there are left. Same as it ever was.




    13 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

    All the newspapers, and at least 2 networks had the  information.Even today this story:

     President López Obrador highlights the need for the military to participate in the fight against insecurity. Despite criticism from different organizations that warned of the danger of continuing to militarize public security, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) made it clear that he wants the Army on the streets to combat violence.


  5. 4 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    I can assure you that all generics are not all exactly like the brand name drugs. The active ingredient may be the same, but there may be different buffering agents used.

    The one I can tell you for sure isn't the same is Valium and generic diazapam. I've used Valium when there's something stressing me out or making me anxious and I can't shut off my brain long enough to fall asleep. The generics don't work like Valium. With Valium, I'm relaxed and asleep within 15 minutes, with the generic, I'm still wide awake an hour later. This was true in Canada as well as Mexico. Other people I know have had the same experience with that particular drug. May not be the same for all.

    FDA allows up to 20 percent wiggle room or variation of the active ingredient and buffering agents or filler are not regulated at all and that can be an issue also as far as interaction with the active ingredient... If I can get it I stick to the brand.


  6. 2 hours ago, HoneyBee said:

    I tried to find this information but many have a habit of posting lengthy articles that never answer my question. The question is if you contract the virus and luckily do not die of it and recover are you then immune ? (a yes or no would be great).


    21 minutes ago, Xena said:

    The answer (depending on what you read where) appears to be yes, no, and maybe. Pick the answer you like.

    I did some searches Zena and you are correct. This bugger is a doozy...

  7. In order to curb the contagion of COVID -19 in Jalisco it was made compulsory isolation and the use of masks Federal provisions such as closing non-essential businesses were also followed. However, the reopening of these will not be from one day to the next but gradual. 

    According to the estimates of the Metropolitan Representation and Reaction Model (Replication) of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), if current conditions are maintained in the control of the pandemic, reopening all economic sectors could take at least five months in the state.  


  8. Jalisco manufacturing industries will be the first to return, anticipates governor

    No later than Thursday they will present the details of the state plan to reactivate the economic sectors; anticipated that the activities will return adapting to protocols and prevention measures.


    The companies in the secondary sector (manufacturing) and the agro-industries, which stopped their production due to the health contingency, will be among the first to re-operate in the State; the governor advanced. He reported that no later than Thursday he will present the details of the state plan to reactivate the economic sectors and anticipated that the activities will return to adapt to protocols and prevention measures.

    The head of the state executive branch explained that the plan includes a calendar with different phases that will define how and when the various sectors of the state economy will operate again.


    “We are not discovering the black thread either, it has been said that due to the greater margin of supervision of its operation, it must start with industry, the secondary sector, and the primary sector as well, agribusiness and the countryside; They are going to have important advances. What is going to take the longest is the issue of tourism, paradoxically one of the sectors in which we are going to have the most economic damage is the one that will take the longest to reactivate, ”he explained.The state president explained that as part of that plan it is contemplated to apply special measures for mothers and fathers, with children of school age , because the minors will remain at home with the determination to close the school year at a distance. He added that they also review the issue of nurseries and how they will operate again.


  9. 2 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    From the Chapala Liaison's FB page: 

    I have gone through  that sanitation filter at least 6 times with the same person who drives me to GDL to the doctor. The driver is the only one checked for temperature and address They don't even bother with me. How effective is that?




  10. 7 hours ago, TelsZ4 said:

    Can you post examples of some of these bargain rentals,  I’m not in the market for a rental but from what I’ve seen On the Facebook rental sites is that prices are as high as ever. Also I’ve noticed a lot more Mexican landlords listing property for rent at very high prices.. I’m of the opinion rental prices should not increase and should decrease a little next season but I haven’t seen any evidence of it yet...

    The Mexican economy is heading south quite quickly with the main drivers being oil revenue, tourism, exports and remittances from the states. All in shambles.  Pemex downgraded to worse than junk and Mexico on the verge of being downgraded if not already to below investment quality. This is a big deal. No jobs, no money, no rental payments for local people. no food and its a a formula for worse crime. Many austeruty measures will ahve to be put in place.I wouldn't buy a home here now. I believe those who have to sell will take a haircut. I also see the fracc I am in have no rentals after the Canadians went home. Thats very telling. I believe this will take a very long time to recover and we haven't even talked about the effect of Covid. My surgeon after performing a heart procedure on me a few weeks back said to stay away from his hospital until August. I am not reading anything into it other than he knows something I dont. 

  11. 3 hours ago, RickS said:

    Well I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion.... even doctors.... and post what they please.  But, I don't know why that, in their presentation, they found it necessary to try and bolster their credibility by casting doubt on the credentials of Dr. Fauci.....and basically suggest that those in power using the word 'safe' are subliminally and in reality just wheeling control over you. Additionally I did have to wonder how their stance might have something to do with whether or not these young doctor's ER businesses were being hurt by the 'orders from above'. 



    He wants his 5 minutes of fame...  I have to go now and drink some bleach/

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  12. 42 minutes ago, RickS said:

    Jim Bowie, can you share with us how you came to suggest that "Florida has flattened the curve drastically"   and "and it payed off big time for them'?  Other DATA as shown here does not support those statements and surely not the 'drastically' portion of your statement.  



  13. 6 hours ago, CHILLIN said:

    I am sorry, maybe the universal income thing is a distraction. The point I am truly trying.to make is all over the world the families and individuals, living out their quarantine, then discovering the air is clean again, birds, fish and critters are coming back again, etc. They then decide they prefer this type of life, and ponder and scheme to make it happen. Of course for others the kids are driving them up.the.wall, or they crave social ( or sexual) discourse and can't wait to get back to work, even if it involves a daily stinking commute.

    I was very taken aback by the words of some climatologists that what we see now as in blue skies etc would be a bit permanent within at least 30 years if we acted like now. We have abused this country and the atmosphere that much.

  14. 26 minutes ago, lakeside7 said:

     I had a High field Cadiac MRI.... I have never heard of that procedure..not that I am a doctor...was it expensive?..I guess it is less (non invasive) which is good.

    I believe it was somewhere north of 15,000 pesos when I had it done. The crew who did it were amazing. Took around 4 hours because they had to get my pulse down to around 60 or 70 for the scan to be effective. They gave me the films and also  3d color pictures of my heart which also showed that I had slight anemeia. Got blood work and yes, i have it. . I was amazed. ..... https://www.radiologyinfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=cardiacmr#overview




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