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  1. 23 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

    I wonder how many of you received the email from the LCS outlining the tremendous problem they have to stay a float. Even thought of selling off some real estate, maybe they have been overly  ambitious  with their expansion plans? Any thoughts how they may restructure?

    Sytems and Processes !!!!!!

     Run it like a company and they all would be gone.  Just my opinion based on what I observed.   

  2. On 10/31/2019 at 8:15 PM, bmh said:

    Pochutla is the fastest way to get there..I have done it both ways because I get bored always going the same wchutlaay.. I actually do it to go to Chiapas as despite adding a day to the drive it is way more fun and safer to go that way.. I stop in Teotitlan for a day or 2 then stop in Tehuantepec or Juchitan od Mazunte and then on to Chiapas,,It took me a week this last time because I took the routa Domincana and went to visit friends who did a kiln in the Sierra Mixteca then spent time in Teotitlan and in Juchitan and Ixtepec.. 

    If you want to go the fastest way it is via Pochutla and ues it is hours of curvy roads and you get stuck behind trucks sometimes but if you are relaxed it is not that bad,The road is pretty...7 or 8 hours worth....

    I will be driving can you recommemend hotel motels along the way that are safe.  Thank you kindly. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Susy Wilson said:

    I have been using TelCel's wireless modem or router...what ever it is, for about 7 months. It is better than no internet and most of the time I can stream netflix or hulu or Amazonprime video but occasionally in the evenings it is too slow to stream. I use it with a NordVPN that comes with my Norton antivirus package. I got mine from Sandra at the small TelCel office just west of El Torrito and occasionally I have to call her to do some sort of reset and then I am good to go again. She is very nice about it.....I only call her during business hours if it is not working but she says I can call anytime I have problems nonetheless. I gave a friend one of the modems and she lives in Puerto Corona, across the lake from Ajijic, just east of San Louis Soyutlan and it works for her there as well. If you get cell service it should work at your location. It is not perfect but it keeps me connected, allows me to stream most of the time and using the wifi with both of our Verizon cell phones gives us adequate data for them as well. I should add we also have a security camera at our gate that uses the wifi and my printer uses the wifi too. All work fine with the TelCel wireless modem/router I got from Sandra. I edited my post to say that when the pandemic first hit I had more issues in the evenings streaming TV but now I can stream most of the time and watch movies in the evenings with few if any streaming issues.

    The cost of the modem was I think about $2200 pesos and I pay $500 pesos for "unlimited" data each month. 


    500 pesos per month for wireless internet with unlimited data? I believe its called internet su casa.  I cannot get that package. I dont see it offered, only by the gigabyte. If possible can you send me the info. ...Fair usage policy (or FUP) is a service provider's way of ensuring everyone has equal access to high-speed internet. ... To ensure everyone is receiving the same speed and no one household is causing the service to bottleneck and slowing it down for others, fair usage policy comes into play. https://nube.telcel.com//personas/telefonia/planes-de-renta/tarifas-y-opciones/internet-en-tu-casa

  4. On 9/22/2020 at 12:02 PM, Bisbee Gal said:

    You cannot vote from your smartphone in all states.  You can register and you can receive your blank ballot via Email in all states because of federal law mandate,  However, federal law does not regulate how states can require you to return your completed ballot.  Some states require snail mail only, some allow FAX, some allow Email.  

    I know. Here is the list of states and requirements.  https://www.votefromabroad.org/states

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  5. On 9/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Zeb said:

    Everyday police on the highway heading toward the airport have someone pulled over.  Does anyone know what that's about?

    They are doing it in so many places. My Mexican friend said that guardia national now run the show and federales dont and there are many white cars from guardia national out there and he has never seen so many cars being pulled over on the side of the road in the Colima area . I guess they need money.

  6. Here is a very simple way to vote from your smartphone.  I did it and my request to vote by "absentee" ballot was sent to my state and the process started with confirmation and they will get in touch by email. You really need a smartphone because you will need to capture your signature with the camera and it inserts your signature in the appropriate place. Very intuitive. Please spread the word to others who are having trouble. .........https://www.votefromabroad.org/

  7. On 7/19/2020 at 8:36 PM, lakeside7 said:

    Seriously what sort of country is it...I have difficult finding a good answer....many of its business, Telmex CFE, at times is reminiscent of a 4th world country!!!!

    I have lived on a few islands in the Caribbean. Very well off islands and their internet and electricity, phone service make Mexico look incredible.

  8. On 8/7/2020 at 6:53 AM, Go Solar said:

    They might have to drop the "T" from the name of the town....feel bad for the majority of the folks who actually live there that know this is a really bad idea:   (and then heading back cross-country to spread it wherever they return to.....wow)


    Thats nine days of craziness... and these people are from all over the country and further. My lord, all sanity has left the states

  9. On 7/11/2020 at 2:47 PM, ManxMan said:

    Looking for recommendations for a good driver to drive my 2012 Toyota minivan to Southern California so my family can sell it. My van's time is up and it needs to flee the country. I have one reputable name but would appreciate more options.

    THis man is incredible and trustowrthy and many many people lakeside will say the same. He has helped me tremendously and moves people to the states and back. He lived in the states as a child. speaks perfect English and is totally devoted to providing great customer service. His name is Juan Pablo jChavez and he is also known as JP. He lives in ajijic. He is also the owner of magnificent tours and you can read all about him on facebook....+52 33 1159 3486. ......www.magnificenttours.com.mx

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  10. 15 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    As of July 1st Mazamitla remains closed to non residents. The exception is if you have a cabin reserved.

    Also La Manzanilla de La Paz is also closed to non residents. 

    Mazamitla??  They didn't turn me nor my friends around who have been there over the last few weeks. One time the filter wasn't even there.

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