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  1. Sorry no responses......guess not many fashion "istas" here in "this" place
  2. What abut long distance moves for example Guadalajara to Tijuana/ who would you call??
  3. Booked my ticket. The guy looks like he may live in Mexico.
  4. Maybe the real problem in Mexico in real estate and other enterprises is the lack of enforcement on the LAW??
  5. Today there are probably 50+ dentist is this are. I am sure not many remember when Dr Don was the dentist for this area. There were many people who thought he was the best other thought opposite. He was a good man will be missed.
  6. AND above all ...do not judge Mexico or Mexicans by what you experience in Ajijic/Chapala..
  7. I have lived in Ajijic since 1993. It is true that people are becoming less tolerant and one sided maybe because of the way it is in the US now? People are different........
  8. It is sad that so many people this are have little respect for veterans.
  9. Sky Med stayed in Mexico when Medical Air Service left Mexico because of financial and lack of membership. Both have similar benefits however Sky Med seems to have seems to have improved their benefits where they will actually fly you back to your hoe address in the US
  10. Would be a very interesting thing to do here in the US. Means that every illegal that is working here must get a social security account//even if they are ONLY mowing your grass
  11. I am sure if you ask guy think his name is Jonnie Trouble (sic) I think he has worn his hair this way before he came to Mexico?
  12. Great way too determine if a person has a little extra cash hanging around????
  13. You know something RV the next generation doesn't give a flip either....
  14. RV does that mean you are taking bak all the bad things you said about TEXAS???
  15. I think people should keep their personal opinions on religion to themselves just like their opinion on politics. Otherwise you just show how really stupid you are.
  16. I did many times for many years he did not change anything Been around here long enough to see the other side of his face.
  17. Does he still plan on selling the same out of date merchandise that he sold at super lake??
  18. Mega Million lottery in the US is now over one Billion dollars.
  19. I don't think it is either. Implants are a specialty. Maybe you were trying to save a little cash and went to someone who is not a specialist, which describes about 85% of the dentist at lakeside.
  20. I always feel better when everything is so crystal clear?
  21. What changes do you think will come for expats living in Mexico when AMLO takes over?
  22. Had know idea there were so many doctors living lakeside??
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