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  1. Sometimes they look for a receipt identifying the cost. Then they charge half of the cost. I ordered an item that was 70% off. But the bill gave the original price. No receipt then they guess.
  2. A rolling walker may be dangerous on the cobblestones. It also depends on whether one always needs to hold on to the roller. A rollator has more stability than a simple walker with or with out wheels. My daughter has MS and came to visit. She used a lift one because she was afraid of losing balance with a wheeled one on cobblestone. I think if we had had a rollator it would have ben better.. We attempted to drive her to places where there was flat cement. She can walk short distances because she has an electronic device on her leg. But mostly relies on an arm cane. I think you would have to be strong and go slowly if you used a walker.. Not knowing why she uses one, I am afraid that is all I can recommend. There aren't too many options better than rollator. Look up using a rollator in the snow on google. I think they have suggestions.
  3. I am sure this question has been asked before, but sometimes the information is old . We need a good cement person. Bricks and stones from walls and back yard are loosening, it may require a bit more work so it won't look patched. Thanks!
  4. I was going to pm you but could not. I can get you a lot of material. Could you Pm me and maybe include an email address.
  5. Sose has come when we needed them. It is usually a battery problem. It does take a little maneuvering to find times to come.
  6. SOSE has called every time our alarm goes off by accident and asks for password.
  7. I think everyone was has hit on all the critical things to consider. One contractor seemed to be well recommended.

    Stay away from Steve Warwick  and Rudy who "contracts" but main business is tile, granite  etc.. Details if you want, but I do think you have a lot more than we did. So many things had to be "redone" 

  8. Received your message but does that mean you want the chair?    Don't want it?  Don't want to make a donation?

    I am fine with whatever you decide.  It wasn't clear to me what you were saying.


  9. Just a warning! if you come across anyone who claims to have solved the problem...be careful. We were told this new procedure was the best. Little holes were drilled all along the wall. Then some gunk was put into the holes,ostensibly to form a barrier. Within 6 mos....all places affected again. oh yes, they painted the inside of the house with outside paint.
  10. I wrote on the other post that I was pleased with the hair cut from Susannas. I especially liked the coloring. She will listen to you. If I thought something should be shorter she complied. Just make yourself clear. I have regular curly hair . I was going to bring a picture but forgot. I would question if she tips the girl who washes hair. I tipped her, then saw Susanna give her one. I do not know Rosario.
  11. Just a note about private care. I am very familiar with assisted living and full care here. Nurse assistants are hesitant to work at nursing homes if they think the pay is too low, but some need that experience to find agency work. The biggest problem with home care is that it isn't steady. People get better, leave the country, go into a nursing care facility or pass away so they don't have work unless someone recommends them or they hear of a need. Often the care giver will have to work a second job. The lucky ones get to work for an agency such as Lydia's.
  12. Harry, Having direct contact is good advice. But many people don't know a "real" licensed nurse from a nurse.
  13. The term Nurses is used differently here than in the US. A nurse aide ( who may not have any formal education is called a nurse.) There are programs that will give certificates for nurse aides . Still called nurses. Then there is the second level of formally educated persons called General nurses. ( usually educated in places like Guad about 2yrs. .) Finally you have the college educated LICENSED nurses.( usually 4-5 yrs of college education . If someone needs a care giver, they should find out what education and experience they have. If one needs just shopping , cooking and maybe hygiene, this isn't too much of an issue. If one needs more assistance like injections, ambulation etc. or even how to relate to someone with dementia then you need to check the skill level and experience. I have heard directly someone say the vet told me how to give an injection to my dog. Really not someone you want giving you insulin. Things are very different here so use some caution. USA registered nurse and professor
  14. I would not recommend Pharmacy express. Some prices are better some are no.  I have had been given 2 wrong prescriptions . The second time I did not look it up because it was suppose to be a refill. It was for a stomach problem and instead I got a heart medication. I am already taking one. 

    I was getting a little hypotensive.  A friend of mine ended up in the hospital becuse of the wrong medication.

  15. I have a tazar, actually three. I never have to use it ON an animal, when unfriendly dogs come around , I just push the button on and the noise makes them run away fast,This had worked many times. No one gets hurt.
  16. looked in the archive and all I could find was a posting 2013. Has anyone has eyebrows done recently? Dermika, Penache? anywhere else? .
  17. I would like to get one also.  Do you have it sent to your home address or go through one of the mail services


  18. I went to him for an eye check up . He prescribed a slightly different prescription from the one I had. I wear descending lens so it was quite expensive.

    I could not see out of them at all.  Went back and told him. He said he had to bring his special machine. So again I went back and he insisted it was the right prescription. So I lost over $3,500p.   I have a friend who had surgery and she lost vision in one eye.   In the future I am going to optometrist for glasses and Dr. Clauda an ophthalmologist for any surgery.  Lately lots of complaints about Dr. Rios. It is really hard to get a 100% positive on any recommendation.  But Dra. Claudia so far is running 5 stars

  19. Keep looking. I went to him for an exam. I wear descending lenses. He made new ones ( not cheap) I could not see out of them.  I went back and he was adamant it was the right prescription. I simple could not see no matter which was I moved them, So out over 3,000p. Someone else I know lost vision in one eye from an operative procedure by him.

  20. If this is the marble place run by a person named Rudy.  I wish they would give me the same service.  My marble came from them.  They returned once

    and within a few months , it was marked up like you put acid on it. This is a bathroom counter and sink.  It is corroding in places that never come in contact with anything.  Hope you have better luck.

  21. Ok. 1. He proposed a new way to control selitro (sp). You know the bubbling of the cement, very common.  He had someone drill holes in the bottom of the affected walls.  They hit pipes @x but did fix them. It was hard to know where pipes were.

    2.  Ok. so now I have walls full of holes along the bottom. Then squirted some white gunk which supposedly would spread inside and stop water from coming up into the wall.

    3. So now I have white holes and he had someone paint over them. BUT did not use the right paint, I labeled the paint very clearly " inside paint" So the 2 walls have an uneven darker stripe on the bottom. Tried to paint over it and won't disappear.  I even went to paint store to get dark cover up. I really not sure they knew what I wanted but couldn't paint over the primer.  Nothing seems to cover it.  I believe they used outside paint/

    4  Called him about this and he said paint would dry in several weeks, then changed and said months and it would fade.  Seriously!!!

    5. Half of the bedroom needed to be repainted from an old roof leak.

    They painted the other side as well and didn't ask but charged.

    Now I cannot prove this but....I sold my car and was given USD cash.

    It was exactly $4,800.  Wrapped in bank wrappers.  The day we got it I put it in a black bag behind where my pants were hung. There was 4,800. Someone was going to States and asked for the USD . So we worked it out and when ready to count it out, 3 of the wrapped 100 USD were short. One 200  and 300 to a total of 1,100 USD,  Nope no proof but no one goes into that closet, not even the maid.  The only person was the painter.


    So that it my story  BTW  don't EVER leave money, even locked in your car getting garage work.  I forgot that I locked up some emergency money in the glove compartment.  Yup...got car back, glove compartment open $3,000p gone.   and lastly just cancelled my insurance and needed surgery...  This has not been a financially a good year so far



  22. Thank you, but I got one . I send my college grandson funny things in the mail and a $5.00/ mo.   I am good now since school will be out in June.

  23. I had granite counters installed in the kitchen when the house was renovated 2008. No problems just make sure it is sealed.  Now the bathroom is a whole different story. Twice we had marble and it is a mess again. Yes very porous . I even kept a towel over it and still marked up.  I wondered why you could have marble floors and no problem.  I have to conclude it was Rudi.  So I would be careful.

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