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  1. A physician assistant is different from a nurse practioner. A PA goes through a PA program but does not have to be a nurse. A nurse practioner has advanced education on a master's level. Different states allow PA and NP's to do different things.
  2. Thanks for your replies--Guess just wait and see. Great news for those trying to sell their homes.
  3. Is there any truth that the Mexican army is coming to Lakeside.".Chapala has been considered a strategic point to fight crime in Jalisco" from Lake Chapala Reporter ..Lisa??? …
  4. Can someone recommend a good allergist in the Lakeside area. I know many people have allergies here, so I am hoping someone will be able to direct me.
  5. I use Chopo next to Dermika because they use gloves to draw blood. The one by Maskaras Clinic does not. I am not afraid of what I might get but they should be afraid of what they might contract. i.e. hepatitis.
  6. Well at least you are truthful, you know nothing about aging. As a licensed nursing home administrator, and advanced practice nurse in gerontology. Your "missive" makes no sense. There are people of every age who have super egos. " go fund me for po folks." Wake up and expand your experience and see how many of us old volunteers put in excessive hours to help those less fortunate. I guess if you found something nice to say or intelligent, you would lose your base.
  7. I am surprised no one mentioned Gas Los Altoss. Have been using them for many years and no problem. He comes around when he thinks we might be low.Since he knows our habits by now. When he sees we are not, he very pleasantly leaves. Never asked to top off . name is Javier
  8. He is right if you are permanente and can prove this is your primary residence ( if you have more than one, say a rental) you can claim an exemption . Notary said it was 3 years now. Same boat as you bought the house 103,000 more than on the title, but plan to take the exception. If you plan to sell with a realtor , a good one will know all this.
  9. I don't mean to be disrespectful but what do you do being out there? Are there things to do? Any Expats? Again, I am just asking because we have talked about it but always seems so rural and speaking enough Spanish to get by would be a problem for us.
  10. Lisa, has her usual a teaser to get you to subscribe. She writes that "Mega" development was approved. There is a map but I cannot make out where it is. Is this for real? I do not have a subscription as she never reimbursed us subscribers the last time she was doing this and then just stopped . Not even when sent an email and asking for it.
  11. Absolutely agree ! There is a lease law for a reason. First, some dogs are not so well behaved , when outside and not leased. I have seen dogs rush at a leased or unleased dog. Why I don't know, but it happens. Then the leased dog and owner panic. Secondly some people are simply afraid of dogs, either never having had one or a bad experience. Third, what happens if you unleased dog runs into a pack? Fourth, Some people are a bit incapacitated ( walk with cane) etc. and are frightened they cannot defend themselves. If your dogs need exercise , take them to a dog park.
  12. My car has been hit in the back twice by two buses in 2018. I wasn't even moving, there were cars in front of me.
  13. I totally agree Tiny. Not only do I feel I am being cramped but I really am concerned about the infrastructure .I had no idea the amount of building being considered until I read the Guad Reporter today. Makes me wonder if I should stick around while we implode. Why aren't more people raising concern about this.?? It is critical to this development. My other biggest concern is the environment . When I first moved here ten years ago . Now with weed whackers etc., they have been frightened away.
  14. No you have that confused with Chapala Reporter. Guad Reporter is about $20p
  15. Democrats, Republicans, Trump, Pelosi etc etc. Don't drag us nurses into this please.
  16. Sometimes the unpreparedness is due to the fact it is the first time flying out of Mexico and they do not know the routine. Also sometimes the form changes so one has to take time filling out a new one. Petty small talk? Would you like deep conversations or that everyone become silent?
  17. We have been here 11 yrs. In our experience we have seen about 50-50. The spouse returns to States, often at children's request. Others who are healthy have stayed here . One thing that has effected this situation. Is that in some cases people had come down before the income requirement was changed. Some stay because they are now all their income is one SS check , some go back because they need Medicare. As some have written it is very difficult to quantify how many leave and for what reason. A couple we met early on said after 3 years, " we just have had enough of the Mexican experience"
  18. Do you remember when you never tipped the owner? ie beauty shop.
  19. Really??? if you are using US dollars in comparison. Then 300p is about what 15-17 USD
  20. This does not sound like anything I have ever seen . I have been doing acrylics for many years. No problem removing polish. Now I have gel over it and the polish. Your whole hand goes in the light box for just several minutes. The best part is no waiting to dry. Just pay and leave.
  21. I think it would be good for you to check other places. You may be surprised that many nail places are raising prices. I get acrylic and gel for 270. Then of course there is tip.
  22. I think it is safe to say that doctors behavior is part their basic personality and their specialty. I worked with oncologist, quite a young man. He would never get any closer to a patient's bed then at the end. All conversation was conducted with him at the end of the bed. Then he would wash his hands, even though he never touched the person. On day he told a woman she was to have chemo starting the next day. And exited before she could reply. She started crying because she didn't want to loose her hair. As it happened it would not have caused hair loss, I told her but she wanted to hear it from the doctor. I went and told the doctor and he said "you are in charge of TLC" I finally convinced him to go and tell her. I asked other nurses why he was so cold to patients. They said when he first started he got too close to his patients and if they died, he just couldn't cope. I wondered why he just didn't go into another field, like radiology . Even though I was a nurse clinical specialist, in those days ( white cap, white uniforms, shoes etc.,) you didn't confront doctors.
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