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  1. I have just purchased a table that doesn't have chairs. I would like slim but fully cushioned chairs. Can anyone recommend a good chair maker? or a company? thanks.
  2. Agree I think you will not find it in baking area. I have so much of Arm and Hammer Bicarbonato de sodio . Yes an orange box.
  3. We are cleaning out a storage area and found quite a few liquid chemicals such as paint remover. How can one safely dispose of them?
  4. Medicare part D is for medication. I came down with the flu on a cruise. I was quarantined. But they would not cover medications since I was in foreign waters. Even when I reminded them they got the medication when we were in Florida port.
  5. I have mentioned before if the person posted was more clear, we wouldn't waste time on a matter we have no interest. Ex. Looking for tree...…..ELM
  6. Thanks, we will be looking for someone for some work. It helps to be warned.
  7. We have been trying to contact SOSE and keep running into stone walls. Does anyone have a current phone number. We need a current statement and have misplaced it.
  8. Agree, we have had reverse osmosis for 11 years . We get what we need in other foods or drinks. If you can afford one ...no more big bottles ever.
  9. Good luck Andita   Dra Ana spent the whole time looking at her computer but typing nothing , asked very few questions, no eye contact at all.. ordered something for anxiety that I could not tolerate. Finally I suggested something which took.

    Paulina is worse. I went to her because I wanted to see if I still needed to take these meds. She was at Maskaras then. So she weans me off what I was taking and orders something that cost 4X as much. I looked them up and they had the same active metabolite. So I went back to taking what I was taking. Now I try Quality care. Yup she works there now. I complained of being sleepy. Instead of seeing if I had kidney or renal problems which could mean it was accumulating , she wrote a prescription for Ritalin. Her rational was since I wasn't ADHD, it would keep me awake. Speed????? 

  10. Ok.....please explain who is Gordo for the rest of us
  11. I thought this better summarized what scabies is. I would like to add we has an outbreak at an LTC facility and traced it back to a woman who came in and did some of the resident's hair. Used the same instruments. You must report this to Public health who made us make up small bottles of medicine for ever person who came in contact with her. So all aides and nurses, many residents and therapists. Each needed 3 bottles. Then they said give 3 bottles to each person's family members, Since the pharmacy couldn't make that many. Myself and a few nurses worked for hours filling little bottles. Close to 500. I realized that was way overkill but State Nursing home rules. Scabies is an infestation of the skin by the human itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis). The microscopic scabies mite burrows into the upper layer of the skin where it lives and lays its eggs. The most common symptoms of scabies are intense itching and a pimple-like skin rash. The scabies mite usually is spread by direct, prolonged, skin-to-skin contact with a person who has scabies. Scabies is found worldwide and affects people of all races and social classes. Scabies can spread rapidly under crowded conditions where close body and skin contact is frequent. Institutions such as nursing homes, extended-care facilities, and prisons are often sites of scabies outbreaks. Yes. Products used to treat scabies are called scabicides because they kill scabies mites; some also kill eggs. Scabicides to treat human scabies are available only with a doctor’s prescription; no “over-the-counter” (non-prescription) products have been tested and approved for humans.
  12. Stay away from Dra. Paulina. I went to her at Maskaras clinic . I had been on Effexor for awhile and wanted to be re-evaluated as to whether I still needed them. She orders a new drug  4X cost of Effexor. Then I looked them up and they had the same active metabolite. So skipped .  A few months later I went to Quality care and made an appointment......yup she had moved to Quality. She orders me Ritalin . I was sleeping a lot , but I also really stayed up too late and so slept late in day.  The Ritalin was to keep me awake because I did not have adhd.   I did not take it.

    Oh yes Dra Ana . She was the first doctor I saw here. My blood work showed low and no levels of certain chemicals I needed.  First I had to wait over a half hour. The she sat sideways looking at her computer. Not writing just staring. No really assessment , few questions. Then the receptionist kept coming in because it was mother's day eve and wanted to go home. She never told the girl not to interrupt.  so I am still looking as well.

  13. But people budget in pesos. There is also the ethical part of this. I had an infection, I was just going for a follow up. I can read the lab report, it said NO bacteria. I waited an hour, asked to take my own weight, sat 7 minutes while I was told there was no ,ore infection. At the desk I was told $700p. I was in a rush but when or if I go back, I plan to discuss this with the doctor.
  14. I boarded a ship in Florida, and then went onto Panama. I came down with the flu. All the medication I received was not covered by Medicare or supplemental because I was in foreign waters. All the medication was brought on ship in Florida. BUT you see, I swallowed the pill in foreign waters.
  15. You have many good references. I would keep looking past JJ. If you need details I can provide but you have a lot to chose from.

  16. Que Ganga bazar is having a special children's clothing sale which started today. There are about 1/2 the clothes left and the prices range 5,10,15 p . Que Ganga is west next to La Reserva and Anchor restaurant. It is open from 10-3pm everyday but Sunday. Lots of new "gently used " adult clothes as well. This is LCS sponsored and money goes for children programs there.
  17. If someone continues to behave in this way ( nose blowing) at this age, that is a shame. People are waking up to coughing into their sleeve and not into their hand and other infection prevention habits. If this continues, and I agree it would ruin my dinner, you just have to say something. It doesn't have to be nasty, " I am very susceptible to respiratory infections, would you mind not doing that at the table?" Now the person may be embarrassed or even angry, but not saying anything won't stop the habit and the person will wonder why you don't go out to dinner with them. Either way you won't be going out to dinner anymore, but perhaps it would be an eye opener. I would suggest you take that person aside and not say anything on front of other people. I think the main reason people get upset is how they are confronted about an issue. i.e.Instead of complaining at a dinner table that you found the food XXXXX. Take the waiter aside and explain calmly.
  18. Tracey just ask Google, there are many sites with exchange daily rates

  19. There are so many expats here, I cannot believe no one has the experience or even ideas to develop some thing like Operation feed. And asking the kids would be a great way to start.Kids have a lot of energy . How about a free soccer field, basketball, tennis, track, even baseball, bike club. etc. Get a moderator. Anyone abusing the area or throwing trash , isn't allowed to come anymore or had to clean up trash on some streets. What about kayaking or those with boats taking for a ride and explaining about boats. Maybe some one would like to learn to cook. I know that would be a big undertaking but look at the transformation of Tepehua. You can just amuse yourself with a cell phone for so long. This is certainly not an area where I have experience but maybe someone can start small.
  20. Have you thought of the agencies that can arrange someone to stay at your house ? They do not charge but these are people who like to travel and get free lodgings. We had a girl highly recommended to stay 3 weeks with 3 dogs and it worked out fine. That being said everything important whether legal or personal was taken to a friends house.
  21. I agree what all of you went through sounds like the middle ages. I have two conflicting thoughts. One is to let your doctor and them know show them without names these comments. Second is if they are really experts in this business, they should already know how to set up a diagnostic lab so I question the accuracy of what they do .
  22. We were with Bellon. He is a nice, honest fellow but as someone mentioned the premiums do go up with age. To keep the premiums down, you increase your deductible. The problem we had was that we never got near the deductible. So ended up paying. The other thing was that this policy doesn't have an annual deductible that would be cumulative. It is per condition. So if I developed pneumonia and did hit the deductible , if I would later come down with cancer of the lung, I have to start all over again because it is a different lung condition. So we deduct treatments , visits and medication on taxes and it worked out fine . However, I think the US tax changes are not going to work in our favor.
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