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  1. I had a problem mailing two Christmas cards last year. They were for grandchildren and the cards made music. I received them back, torn open the mechanism smashed and the letters scotch taped back together. My guess is they thought I was ending something illegal but they could have just opened and looked. So be careful you don't send anything bumpy by letter.
  2. You are not all THAT wrong. Typically a psychiatrist does an assessment and determines the initially diagnosis and treatment. Psychologists who often are the ones who do the follow up therapy...can not order medications. The two should be working together. But there are very few psychiatrists that get involved in therapy sessions.
  3. Where was it announced? Not everyone is glued to this board, if it was the Guad paper, you have to get it hot off the press because you miss things the day it is distributed. Don't pass judgement . Many many people held Charlie in high regard. Until recently he was known as Red Cross Charlie. So if you don't follow this board, or read Guad paper or know someone going, have no transportation in the rain, had other commitments i.e. Dr. Appointment , you missed it. To his family....many of us could not make the Memorial for good reasons......just know that many many more people cared about Charlie. Maybe instead of trying to do the guilt trip on people, you could have said something more about his accomplishments. Who cares that you had drinks? what was the point?.
  4. If you know the name of a good endocrinologist, please post or messenger. If there is one that isn't so capable just message me. Thanks ! I don't care if there are not in this area.
  5. Anyone know why? They received a lot of donations from Mia's And seemed to have people in there often.
  6. I have bought furniture which I knew needed refinishing. I asked the owner of the bazar for a recommendation. Same with upholstering .
  7. Remember for some Dec 25th is not the important day as is Three Kings.
  8. One thing to keep in mind if you move here is 1. family 2. finances 3. your own health We all have different situations. Finances for some are an issue. They come here because of the cost of living but that is starting to rise. Still better than US but when I first came re 11 yrs ago Dr. visit was 200p -300p. Now it is generally 700-800p, one is 1200 p and these are not specialists. If you do not have insurance tests and hospitalization can be a real nasty problem. and Anyone on this board can attest to someone who suddenly and inexpertly becomes ill , stroke, Diabetes, a fall. The frequent reply is "I will go back to the states and use Medicare. Don't count on that, you may not be able to get there physically even with an air flight program. So factor that in. Family , unless you can afford to pay or assist someone to visit , it is not that cheap even staying with you. Some of your friends think the cartel is every where and are frightened about what they see and read. Now if your NOB family lives near each other ,or near the border like Texas that is very helpful. Mine are in 4 different states, friends are more scattered. I am not saying it cannot be done but it can be costly. Many find that that is unexpected and get depressed. Those 7,-10 yr old's grow up. Not a whole lot for teens. Like I said everyone one has their own situation, look at your career. Will you be able to do something here? How is your Spanish. Will you be able to practice your religion? How much can you spend to rent? I suggest you do what my son-in-law did. He was trying to decide if he should take a job. All you engineers will understand this. He wrote down every pro and con, that brought up new questions. When he was all done he added them up and the pro's won. Yes my daughter was part of this. Where will we live, school systems, her employment etc. I know I went by way of China but I feel these are things that send some people back to NOB. I'll let someone else speak to social and volunteering and house prices.
  9. And another from one of his patients.
  10. And while laying there "healing" pressure sores appear, respiratory problems , if they cannot move contractures. The effects of Immobility are well known , I guess, by most.
  11. Agree agree. When we moved here 11 yrs ago, we had no idea what we were getting into. The truth is we didn't think it through. The thing that helped the most were expats who answered our questions and guided us along. There were even some Mexicans who helped us and very patient with the language barrier, So we grew to understand and participate here at the north shore. So I can see why some people hesitate to go to the south shore. At this point, I don't know if I really want a different life style. ( I admit, I don't know what that means) Now for those complaining and sometimes down right nasty (expats) poor victims! They may not have the finances to move back north where things are SOOO much better. So the frustration gets projected on to people and places here. I try not to associate with these people and will ignore them unless I am witnessing an inappropriate confrontation. On a few occasions, I have returned and apologized to the one unjustly attacked. And yes I have addressed this with the offender.
  12. You mean like Libra men to care ret tera san ur e ta AAA gee geek Actually some of it is because we come from different places with accents i.e. Coffee NJ= cough fee
  13. If you go to the hospital they will give you a form that has 3 layers of care as well as costs of premium. What you really want to consider is how often to might use a particular service. What is the period of time for the premium? How many times are you allotted those prices per premium. When will you end up spending as much as the premium cost? So you see the doctor once a year at 100p …..what was your original cost for the insurance. If this is an HMO do you always have to see the same doctor or anyone listed on the visiting doctor list they have. The form looks very simple but ask questions.
  14. Have you ever gone to Walmart Management. The cashiers are friendly but the people at the management desk are darn right rude. They never acknowledge you, just won't make eye contact. Just down right ignore you . This has happened to me so many times and I do not act angry. But after 10-20 minutes, I keep saying senora until one gets annoyed enough to help me. They never look happy. Sometimes I just need to ask a question. Once I had no chance at all for the bagger lady. So I was going to use a 50 in my payment to get change. The cashier, he just waved me on when I said I won't have a tip. I apologized to the bagger lady , I did feel badly . She said no worry and hugged me.
  15. But not when you go for a visit in her office.
  16. I second Dr. Daniela, I have had a skin condition for decades and treated with one medication. Went to Dermika because I couldn't get it here and was ordered 4 medications which were not cheap but remember they have their own pharmacy,
  17. If you are new, joining even short term . You might get a copy of the LCS publication Conneciones. Very informative
  18. Yes they do breathalyzers. I was directed last Sunday to go off the street to the right. I thought , probably more construction or an accident. So I stopped and waited, I was exasperatedly told to turn radio off and roll down the window. So I did and out came the little machine , so I blew and No Alcohol I was the waved on through this narrow maze of orange cones. I saw they were doing it near Black Coffee. I also saw 2 cars impounded parked on the tow truck.
  19. Qua Ganga , a bazar sponsored by LCS is closing permanently . Right now anyone can fill a bag for 20p. . We provide the bag. Anything large such as a mirror would be 2 bags so 20p. Starts Monday LCS is offering any charitable bazar free access to any clothes they may want. If you are representing a charitable bazar, please personal message me and I will record your information such as name and contact person . And send you a charitable pass. mycasa17@gmail.com. This will start Tuesday. Personal clothing will still be 20p
  20. I have a rug I would liked cleaned and have used Spring Clean in the past. I have called several times and no answer. I used the phone number in the LCS book . The rug can be taken out for cleaning. It is one of those that look like thick cotton that you often see hanging with a variety of woven rugs
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